Future goals – Training sessions to bring humans back to thinking & innovation

Another day spent in finding out ways to improve your ways of working. And we are heading towards continuous improvement journey. With extreme automation, standardization, simplification of processes, asset management, career progression, growth opportunities, re-skilling, professional development and what not, we are going to make a difference. I guess this is no more an alien thing for any one of us from Gen Y at least. For the entire year this becomes our target, which is highlighted in every single power point presentation and will be a part of each and every meeting.

No matter what goes into and bangs your head, but you have to take this sip by sip. And even if you are not perceiving it, you have to believe that yes you are on the road map of improving or rather enhancing your skill sets. Why? Because, your ppt. says so. You are so organised in your efforts. Your Line Manager has told you that this year you are improving, but your engagement is quite low, your performing skills are not up to the level of expectation and so on.

Wow, after spending entire year inside the meeting rooms, fighting for Video Conferencing rooms, getting time slot booked, from where do u get time to think upon engagement? Do we actually realize how many faces we are left familiarized with, after spending an year at the organization? When I joined, about an year, i met few during my induction. We used  to get some time to hang around, not to talk about face book updates or whatsapp jokes, but about company’s growth in the industry, learning from past experiences, best practices, leading technology trends, how to keep engaged with work, how to manage time. And actually, this all took place over a cup of coffee and ginger tea at times. Imagine, just a cup of coffee in our normal cafeteria. So much of useful content we vented out and shared mutually that actually helped us do things better if not differently.

Now, having spent more than a year inside meeting rooms, back to back meetings piled up like connecting flights or metros, sleepless nights for the presentation stuff, fighting and negotiating with peers like in a vegetable market to pull out the content, wasting weekends over vodka or whisky just to get a hangover to have an escape from those nightmares, is all what we call a branded life “corporate life”. On top of it when you present your efforts before your boss, he has ready to throw sentence “ I am not convinced”. Sending out all bullshit mailer and newsletters, and then spend your life in making and redefining your strategy to increase readership and quality is what is your biggest milestone.

Organizations should think why is there a lack of innovation. Why we spend so much into tool creation and processes development. And none of the tools are so apt as google. There are 1000 of ideas into the idea box, we keep saying please share your ideas, suggestions. but have we achieved any thing ? Have we been able to take it to implementation?  No, it is is still pending for approval. And then after few years, we need to clean up the redundant ideas.

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Has anyone ever realized, what is people connect? It will not take more than one open discussion and meeting just at a town hall or over a cup of coffee.  We talk about Robotics Process Automation, where work will be automated and we will have enough bandwidth to do work. Actually it is true, but not everywhere. Only the top levels gets benefited. Down the line it is crap. In the race of creating robots, has anyone ever given it a thought that we humans are turning into robots. We are losing our ability to think and innovate. Because we don’t have time to think. Time is not very far of when there will be a need for bringing human touch in humans. There will be training sessions to get back to human mode of thinking.

It just requires an attitude, a mindset to challenge and go beyond the boundaries. This is the real strategy and only you can execute it.


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Rotational shifts…just to keep you awake

It took quite a long time to understand what is going around. Was it destined? I have no clue.But how many times?

We often create a set mindset within ourselves that now “we know what we want and what we have to do”. Well, it is called attaining maturity, deep diving of self wisdom and many more such huge words could be incorporated into it. When we know everything, then why we do not accept the facts when they are before us.

You gradually start knowing people around you, and then you think “should i like him/her”. But we merely know when we have already started liking him / her. Then you start trying to take the lead like managing things cordially, start rejuvenating your aspirations, care for others. Even when there is paucity of time to accomplish office and home tasks which are a never ending list, you find enough time to do things for someone who has hardly asked for or has set out any expectation from you. Now, this is truly and madly a soaked in love scenario. Is it really a love ? So sure about what all your sense organs say and the entire body is depicting?

Now, when it comes to some good to great situation, suddenly a climax comes. Just a small incidence was enough to have an in-depth know how about …. yourself. He or she does not trust you. And what made you realize this? Just a small incidence. Well, when you were totally engrossed into him / her, there were immense of incidences across, but were they not adequate to give you this acknowledgement which you have today? There is no answer for this i guess.

What next ? Stop thinking about him/her. Divert yourself. Do what ever you feel like what you have aspired for? Not again….

Such situations keep coming like rotation shift in our life, and whether we learn something form them or not, we get our self entertainment mode on for sometime. And believe it or not, we say that when you are in someone’s good company, your life’s meaning is changed and you are highly motivated. But actually we do nothing fruitful during that period except investing time in non-profit activities. Rather, when we come out of it, we get super duper charged up to do our tasks and we achieve results just like anything. So from where does this motivation comes? the credit goes to that someone or you are the one?

I don’t know for how long this self motivation is going to work for me, until the next distraction is on my way to life.


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Learning of past can be carry forwarded to build a stronger future

Nothing is going to be with you for a longer time in a constant manner. life is a journey of changes and we have to adapt to it. There are good times and there are bad times or rather not that good times. But nothing is same forever.

Spending a good time in a relationship gives you some awesome moments which you would love to keep alive forever. But what if those memories start obstructing your way ahead to adapt to the changes? Certainly, those good time spent together sometimes ago will perish with the struggle of adapting to what life has offered today. It was always a good time in the past, but if it is not your present today, it should not be a roadblock for future as well. Every relationship gives you a learning into several aspects of day to day life. It is also a test of your emotional intelligence. So, why not to carry forward that learning and make a stronger foundation for a new phase of life. Instead of forcing yourself to perish those good times, its better to carry forward and move towards improvisation.

People often loose a larger portion of their life in deciding what is good and bad, whether it should be done or not. Even then, life has much to offer. Doing things which gives us happiness even for a while is far better than repenting later on for things you did which you were not willing to.


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Scope of a content Writer – Part -1

Varied forms of a content Writer

Writing is an active state of mind when a person makes a coherent coordination of his body, mind and soul to present the inner conflict or sublimation of ideas, thoughts and aspirations on a piece of paper or a digital device.

Writers have been there since ages and it is no denying fact that one who can visualise things from a perspective different from others can be a good writer and a presenter. A long time ago, there were simply a few of the forms of writers like an author, a publisher, a proof reader or an editor, and eventually a journalist. The forms were limited, but the stream was strong enough to mould the things.

As the technology transcends, we can see a large number of forms a writer can pursue today. Looking from a digital perspective a writer can be employed as a digital content writer today. The term digital content writing is a vast arena per se. One can write for websites, for blogs, for press releases, articles, newsletters, handouts, whitepapers, advertising, banners & posters, social media posts, online books, tutorials, video captions, image captions, info graphics, newspapers (both offline and online versions), columns for magazines and newspapers, radio scripts, radio plays, radio commercials story boarding, script writing for TV, Films and commercials and much more.

Now if we talk about writing for a website then again one has enough scope like one can devote one’s content for e-commerce websites, educational websites, fashion, news websites, business websites etc. The list is vast. One can specialise in one or two or many categories to make through.

Every field requires a specific flair for writing but not to forget the common thing is that you need passion, consistency, flawlessness in your language and thoughts as well, fact based writing, purity of ideas, and of course a habit to adapt to the changing trend of the time. You can stick to just one style of writing if you want to emerge as a rising star. You must be careful while using the catchy words, jargons (if necessary), craziness in alluring the vague minds. For example, the public always needs something new and spicy to entertain and inspire their messed up minds and thoughts.

Before writing you should know and perceive who will be your readers. They may be some lovers of writing pieces, some who can adapt to any type of writing, some who are coerced to read (like students), some entrepreneurs, some who wish to become a writer like you. So, as a writer you have to think in a way as your readers would love to come closer to you.

So hold your pen or press your keys and start mending your thoughts to give a fresh new form to a content writer inside you.

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Keep your heart soaked in Dettol to avoid from the infliction of LOVE of today!


What an inflicting society is around us today! Millions are suffering from Epidemics, thousands from diabetes and a lot form curable diseases. besides, there are also countless people who are suffering form the alien terminology or i should say something really devastating for the present generation.

Students, professionals, housewives, rickshaw pullers, hawkers, your driver, chef, house maid and every one around you is suffering from the most inflicting “WHATS APP”, “FACEBOOK”, “TWEETING”.  the time has either blessed them with these automotive products to enhance their otherwise lethargic minds or i should say has engraved a pit of numbness.

And the interesting fact is that people are enjoying the incurable diseases and they are reluctant to get a cure for it.

Well, the situation is yet alarming when I find another gorgeously killer disease or a turbulent tide, “LOVE”.

Yes, to simulate with facts, it is an incurable disease which you can find in many varieties.It also has several alias terms like “Girl friendship”, “boy friendship”, “affection”, “love at first sight”, “one night fall”, “truly -madly love” and yet more awaited in the list. Every generation is busy finding ways to get infected with this disease.

but as we know every disease takes away from us a lot of things, this so called epidemic snatches away your bucks, your average rate of smile, focus, aroma of pizza like life. what it gives is only one thing ” that it make s you really active”. 

There is a recommendation for all those who are endangered with this epidemic, “keep your heart soaked in Dettol, as love is the most infectious disease”epidemic,


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Life is what you do and not what you think of doing

There is a writer inside every persona.

There is a poet inside every being.

There is juvenility in every thought.

There is tranquility in every imagination.

There can be innovation in every desire.

There lies tomorrow after every today.

There is the achievement in every effort.

There could be failure in painless work.

There is commitment in every motivation.

There is fullness in the empty glass

There is emptiness in the full world.

Then what is there which is not there?

It is the you who is missing to make an impact.

It is the you who could turn the tables around.

It is the you who can break the knobs.

It is you who is everything you need to know.

Times are boundless and yet ageless.

What you can do lies in what you have done.

What you will do, will decide what others cannot.

Make your step, follow them, travel the roads,

Explore the objectives, perceive the gains.

Life is after all no pains and no gains!


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Just enjoy the best journey of your life without participating in the game of right and wrong

Hi…. Last night got a serious encounter with two of my soul mates. One was my heart and the other one pulling was none other than my brain. I don’t invite them together but still they appeared simultaneously last night. When you are living a wrecked life people sympathize you for a while with the sole aim of knowing what was actually going on in your life. They hardly take any interest in finding out solutions or to lend a helping hand to you. Why? Because perhaps they are the busiest on this planet or they are robbed off all the material possessions with which they could help you. But they have those extra minutes in their watches to keep trying hard to extract information from you with their crocodile tears and smile suited to the situation. These are the people actually who make your life the real misery. And why we give them the importance as if they are the President.

Well, there are several reasons to this. For some it is very difficult to cope with the loneliness even for a moment. There are people who live not for themselves but for such useless section of the society. Others find themselves helpless because they don’t get the relevant support from their family or friends. And there are some who feel as if they have been the neglected part of the nature. But why to sacrifice for anyone?

And when there is a sudden spark in your life with a handful of people in and around your life, you feel the change in yourself. You want to live the moments. But your well-wishers don’t want to let you cheer up. They always find mistakes, wrongs in everything which makes you happy. And you try to set back. This is because they don’t want you to enjoy the moments which they hardly could. Had they ever understood the fact that happiness shared is happiness doubled.

So when you feel the trigger in your life you heart and mind goes along simultaneously. They keep disturbing you “do this” “don’t do this”. And you are entangled into it. But are those moments and people going to wait for you? Never. Don’t let the beautiful time pass away without slightly noticing you. You can live the life. Just if you feel the change positive embrace it. When someone is willing to handshake with your cheeks to bring that curve of smile at your face why are you interrupting? Lucky are the ones who get a chance to smile for with someone else’s efforts. You don’t have to spend your time thinking what is right or wrong. If you feel good and believe that you have not hurt anyone then you are on the best journey of your life. Just take a ride.


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