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“I am not the me…. but him”

“I am not the me…. but him”

I find myself closest to him…….when he is farthest from me

I find myself tuned to his tunes when he has kept silence

I find myself heavenly touched when he is not around ……

I could see him dancing in the rains….

Walking along side ….holding me I chains

In his absence I feel his presence ….

When he is there ..i feel my absence..

Because I get engrossed into him…..

I am not the me…. but him.

Such an amazing is this four letters word I swear…

It gives satisfaction in the sufferings and pain I bear.



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“Someone Special”

It takes very long to get closer to someone and it really takes longest time to realize that …yes you are close to someone.

We keep in touch with that someone special….but couldn’t recognize him/her for a long time.And it usually happens that we run after another person who perhaps is not concerned with us….but feel some sort of pleasure in running after that character.

And the one who is always around us…. sometimes your colleague, sometimes your childhood friend, sometimes your neighborhood friend,…. ;he/she may be your companion in a train,auto,flight…etc ………..but we don’t give a thought to it…..because we always dream of some one special……………….and in search of that someone special we forget the ones who have always been our someone special,,,,,who take care of our small and peculiar things,who advise us whenever we are torn apart in bad times,,who fight with us when we go wrong way and don’t listen to them, when they tell us to take medicine on time,when they recite a common phrase…”it will be alright don’t worry, i am with you buddy”, when they are with us when even we are not with ourselves……

But still we don’t ever realize that how special they are in our life…..though we don’t dream of them….our dreamland is incomplete without them.

So start recognizing your near and dear ones who need your smile …your support and ofcourse your affection instead of running after an unknown and quite unreachable someone special.

Life is the most unpredictable thing ….you have endless tasks to do and time is not your boyfriend or girlfriend that is going to wait for you and you can change whenever you feel like. Just be what you are and and feel what you are to be the someone special first of all for yourselves.

“The heart which you love ,may not know your love; but

the heart which loves you, dose not knows anything other than you “


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“Possessive I am…. Jealous at times”

Possessive I am and jealous at times

miraculous she is and carefree all the time;

Knowing her again and again

passes my each and every day;

Still I feel, I have not known her

in her own particular way.


Her eyes give a cue…

and heart suggests me to find a way;

confused and much confused I am now

like a juggler saying ‘wow’


I keep looking at her,and still

could not judge,her anything;

she, not very often looks at me

still controls my everything.


Oh God ! how terrific is her charm

that makes me really warm;

And how insignificant are my thoughts

that keep doing my own harm.


She is always with me in any crowd

holding my hand,whenever I am down;

And what I do is, follow her all the way round

still could never pay heed,when she actually sounds.


Oh God ! I don’t want to be jealous

neither make me possessive;

I want to be like her,

always calm but progressive.

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“Relationship is never meant to create boundaries between two people; but 

 to let them cross all boundaries between them”

When two people come close to each other they share a feeling of being together in their own respective worlds.It is really noticeable …that even two enemies share a sense of relationship between them.Its just because they can never become enemies if they hadn’t shared a sort of relation in past,which turned into a sour taste,somehow.So the point is that every relationship in this world is based on a protocol which is actually an agreement of thoughts, ideas,sentiments,anger,passion,affection,affliction,and perceptions between the two souls(servers).

Relationship is thus a networking system between the two interacting servers on a common protocol.

When two people are in a relationship,they have to understand that they are now sharing a common platform which is nothing but their “life” .So they are not in a boundary wall where each has a set of instructions to follow and simultaneously advise or rather command other,trying to prove themselves superior to each other. Indeed relationship gives them an opportunity,which is in form of a sweet feeling,to break all boundaries between them and overtly express their individuality to be a single entity bonded in what is called “love”. And they have to understand that there is no space for ailments like ego,pride,comparity,complexion,and separation.They have to just match their frequencies without any hurdle and live for each other.

         One most important thing to notice is that people advertise their relationship a lot,become their own advertisers,and take this world for granted as a market place for their emotions.And in due course they forget to devote time to each other.If one shares a smooth relationship with another there is no need to publicize it. It will come into notice of this world automatically. And when the two people will devote time to each other there will be no space for the intruders as well.

     So …

 Be in a relationship rather than making relationships


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“Relationship is never meant to create boundaries between two people; but
to let them cross all boundaries between them”

“Relationship i…

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“Teri -Meri Dosti”

“jalne lagi hai angeethi….
sikne lage hain faasle……
dheemi si anch me pakti….
ye teri-meri dosti !

kuch pakki hai ….
abhi…thodi kacchi hai….
rahne do thoda aanch par
apni ye dosti !

kabhi tum palatna….
kabhi main palat dungi….
jalne na dena….kabhi
tum ye dosti !

rookhi-sookhi si dikhti hai,par
utni hi karari hai…
ek kaure me pyar chupa …to
dooje me shaitani hai…

kabhi naram kabhi mulayam…
pyar ki aaag me sik rahi
teri meri dosti

thoda-thoda kharch karwati
kifayati hai…magar
beshumaar keemti
teri meri ye dosti !!!

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She makes me feel like… I’ve never felt before.

Even when I m grumpy.. she still likes me.

She never intimidates me. A smile from her,

can chase all my blues..

I love her smile…I really do!

Thinking of her, adds a wonderful

touch of love to my everyday.

She understands me… even when I am sobbing.

She is as helpful as therapy,but

she never charges me for it.

She has a terrific sense of humour;

she knows how to make me laugh.

I love her because she brings the best of me.

Since the day she came into my life;

everything is changed. And all the little things she does…

make such a big difference in my life….

Actually she is so cuddlesome.

She is always on my mind i just can’t do without her.

Love is what she means to me…

and she means Everything. She is someone

i can go goofy with.

She is my anchor…in life’s ocean;

and most of all she is my best friend.

She is my compass…to show me the direction…..

which way to go … and

where i am heading….she tells me.

She is so magnetic…i just keep coming bak to her.

Oh ..they are plenty…..but most important one is

that knowing her is simply loving her !

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