21 Feb

She makes me feel like… I’ve never felt before.

Even when I m grumpy.. she still likes me.

She never intimidates me. A smile from her,

can chase all my blues..

I love her smile…I really do!

Thinking of her, adds a wonderful

touch of love to my everyday.

She understands me… even when I am sobbing.

She is as helpful as therapy,but

she never charges me for it.

She has a terrific sense of humour;

she knows how to make me laugh.

I love her because she brings the best of me.

Since the day she came into my life;

everything is changed. And all the little things she does…

make such a big difference in my life….

Actually she is so cuddlesome.

She is always on my mind i just can’t do without her.

Love is what she means to me…

and she means Everything. She is someone

i can go goofy with.

She is my anchor…in life’s ocean;

and most of all she is my best friend.

She is my compass…to show me the direction…..

which way to go … and

where i am heading….she tells me.

She is so magnetic…i just keep coming bak to her.

Oh ..they are plenty…..but most important one is

that knowing her is simply loving her !

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