“Possessive I am…. Jealous at times”

23 Feb

Possessive I am and jealous at times

miraculous she is and carefree all the time;

Knowing her again and again

passes my each and every day;

Still I feel, I have not known her

in her own particular way.


Her eyes give a cue…

and heart suggests me to find a way;

confused and much confused I am now

like a juggler saying ‘wow’


I keep looking at her,and still

could not judge,her anything;

she, not very often looks at me

still controls my everything.


Oh God ! how terrific is her charm

that makes me really warm;

And how insignificant are my thoughts

that keep doing my own harm.


She is always with me in any crowd

holding my hand,whenever I am down;

And what I do is, follow her all the way round

still could never pay heed,when she actually sounds.


Oh God ! I don’t want to be jealous

neither make me possessive;

I want to be like her,

always calm but progressive.

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