23 Feb

“Relationship is never meant to create boundaries between two people; but 

 to let them cross all boundaries between them”

When two people come close to each other they share a feeling of being together in their own respective worlds.It is really noticeable …that even two enemies share a sense of relationship between them.Its just because they can never become enemies if they hadn’t shared a sort of relation in past,which turned into a sour taste,somehow.So the point is that every relationship in this world is based on a protocol which is actually an agreement of thoughts, ideas,sentiments,anger,passion,affection,affliction,and perceptions between the two souls(servers).

Relationship is thus a networking system between the two interacting servers on a common protocol.

When two people are in a relationship,they have to understand that they are now sharing a common platform which is nothing but their “life” .So they are not in a boundary wall where each has a set of instructions to follow and simultaneously advise or rather command other,trying to prove themselves superior to each other. Indeed relationship gives them an opportunity,which is in form of a sweet feeling,to break all boundaries between them and overtly express their individuality to be a single entity bonded in what is called “love”. And they have to understand that there is no space for ailments like ego,pride,comparity,complexion,and separation.They have to just match their frequencies without any hurdle and live for each other.

         One most important thing to notice is that people advertise their relationship a lot,become their own advertisers,and take this world for granted as a market place for their emotions.And in due course they forget to devote time to each other.If one shares a smooth relationship with another there is no need to publicize it. It will come into notice of this world automatically. And when the two people will devote time to each other there will be no space for the intruders as well.

     So …

 Be in a relationship rather than making relationships


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