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  “when people stop talking to you ..

they actually start talking about you”

So one must not feel down to see that your colleagues have ignored you, infact ,they do not dare to gossip in front of you.

and its a clear hint for you to move ahead and focus on your work .because whenyou do something different people usually talk about you

“when people stop talking to you ……”


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“Nobody is perfect” it’s a very common and well known phrase we come across in everyday life.

Whenever we give a fresh start to our work we feel we are going to do wonders towards its completion and if in due course it just goes the other way round we satisfy ourselves by saying “no one can be perfect” . Fine atleast I attempted it.
We use this phrase a number of times as a excuse as well. When our mother used to scold us for not putting the things at their right place we overtly speak to her “ I am not the perfect”
Similarly when we desire for something, and its usually the case that we aspire for the best thing available on this earth, and don’t achieve it we feel “ I am not the one for it”.
But there is one place in this world where we can be the superman or superwoman and we don’t have to use “nobody is perfect”. And that wonderful place is our “dreams”. Every one of you must definitely have had some interesting dreams, if not daily then often. We find our self in entirely a different while dreaming as if everything is under our control ad we need not to worry for the failures.
                                  Lucky are those who get a chance to dream! Because there are some who don’t even get a chance to take a sound sleep as they are so much perplexed into the hardship of their life. So dreams are also a gift to us.
Looking onto the other aspect of dreams ,it can be said that dreams give us a power booster to atleast attempt a task. In our dreams only we find ourselves doing the impossible tasks. And when we wake up some of us try to change their dream into reality. The imagination is the biggest thing for adding creativity to your task. And when you imagine differently you do it differently.
At times we find negativity in our dreams as well. Then some people start developing that fear in their mind that they are destined to misfortunes. And in their real lives when it effects adversely as their fear hampers their working efficiency. Instead they should change their perspective of taking things and accepting them. They should become conscious or try to relate their dreams with reality and interpret them accordingly.

It generally happens that we dream of whatever we are surrounded with,in reality.
Above all, dreams can be our best place to see the other side of our personality. Just like we stand in front of a mirror and talk to ourself , dreams are a wonderland where we see ourself interacting with others , which might be not possible in reality or have thought it so.



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“Trust is something we have to earn by giving trust in return”

The trust is just like a seed which is buried beneath the soil and it needs regular watering, sunlight, air…etc. for the normal growth. I haven’t used the term “nourishment” here in place of growth because nourishment is somewhat more than normal growth. It requires proper care and maintenance towards the growing seed till it develops into a plant. And even after that it still requires some efforts for its long life.

Trust, though phenomenal, is the building block of every relationship we make in our life. We say that 

“I have gained his confidence now I don’t need to bother”  

but it’s the common mistake we all commit very often.

Relationships are not like any writ or application or any testimonial that you have signed it for once and then your responsibility is over. And it is kept safe somewhere. You have to maintain that confidence which you have gained earlier. For maintaining a relationship you need to nourish your bonding with your companion (be it your spouse, friend, boss, ally etc).

In the course of our busy life we somehow forget to spare some time for our close ones. This further deepens the roots of alienation in the long run. And when we realize it ….it’s always too late. And as it is said that time will make things settle. It is the time only that ruins them. So be careful in diverting your time.

                                                              “Trust is something we have to earn by giving trust in return” 

At times it becomes a critical situation for us to believe on our close fellows. Though we love them care for them and know it better that they are never going to harm us or betray , yet we become unsuccessful in when our trust is most essentially needed by them. Why? Why it happens? Where our senses go at that time and why we become desperate to verify the things?

                                                         This is where the relationships start moving at the verge of vanishing point. we have got two eyes ,two ears ,one nose a heart in company of the mind still we can’t sense the truth at times. This is the biggest drawback of the humans.(not all).

It’s better to give some space to others as well because it cannot be always you and just you. It’s difficult to look the things from someone else’s point of view but not impossible. Infact, it will take you closer to him\her and have a clear understanding of his\her vision. 

                         There are some people who have some issues with their partner but they don’t ever tell him/her and they feel proud enough that they know the truth and will never admit. It would have been alright if they kept it going this way but there is something else going on in such people’s mind. They show their arrogance pride and pretend that they are just fine, though they are getting disturbed every moment. So why to commit such stupidity and hurt yourself? This way they prove themselves the miniature before the other person because they don’t have the guts to discuss the issue together and sought it out. And still they say that “ I trust you”. What kind of trust it is? It’s actually the illusion which they create for themselves and ruin their life in self ego. It ‘s better to forgive other’s mistakes and accept the regrets they show before you than to spoil the entire life in keeping that secret like something buried inside you ad pretend that “I trust you and have no problems with you”.

Life is beautiful and the relationships are the essence In it. Its not that difficult actually that we make it on our own. Change your vision and welcome the world.

                                                  “time might turn up again for you but the life once gone ,cannot”.

So live the moments and let others live it beautifully in your company. Trust yourself first and listen to your inner soul then commit any action

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   Mass communication is not an unfamiliar word in today’s time when dissemination of information to masses ,is in vogue, following a two way communication. In a number of books and even on internet you must have come across the this word which is defined as “sharing of a piece of information to a large number of people or communication among masses”. The need for the emergence of mass communication probably arose when a need to propagate the thoughts,to a larger distance, was felt.Because when you come up with a thought into your mind you are definitely upto something and once you set your mind to do that you feel an urge to tell it to some other person and get the response, and this way the chain goes on and on.  

                                                                “The thought that is not shared is stagnant”.

               Various tools have been used since beginning to propagate the information among masses.Like writing letters(formal or informal),newspapers,journals, books,magazines etc. which are included in category of print media.

                            Then came the era of electronics when radio and television made their way through.

But all the above mentioned media were not so flexible to use for our purpose of sharing our views overtly to this world. There were many restrictions on the type of content one is writing, various policies according to which you can write anything for public…..etc. for example if you want to share any news to public in a newspaper you have to go through a long procedure of writing letter to editor and then posting it timely. Still the feedback was delayed.Above all it was never an easy task….which could engage people to participate in mass communication. Similar was the case with television and radio.

                           The ease with which I am writing and sharing my views with you all was not possible before. And it ha become possible with the “NEW MEDIA”. So what is new media in simpler terms?

                                New media as the name says,is a new arrival in the world of media for communications, along with the aid of technology.It broadly encompasses the terms like “digital device”, “internet” “convergence of media”, “multimediality”, “individuation”, and “hypermedia”. The examples of new media are not any hyper terms that you are not aware of,instead they are an important part of our day to day life. Some of them include smartphones(like android enabled mobile phones),tablets,i-pads,smart television sets(with features enabled like internet access, USB connection facility etc),google glasses, smart-watches,and other technologically advanced gadgets.

                                      The convergence in terms of new media is the merging of information and media with technology. For example on a portable mobile phone one can share an information in the form of text as well as attach relevant audio and video along with it(multimediality).in other terms the media is converged here.

                                 The new media has given rise to yet another popular term “  social media”. The social media is nothing but the media which enhances your interactivity and create a virtual environment for you and thereby diminishing the geographical boundaries. Today we can make our voices heard to a large audience beyond the geographical barriers with the help of new media. FACEBOOK is the most popular social networking site which connects you globally. Similarly there are blogs ,web feeds,podcasts, social bookmarking,twitter,whats app,you tube etc to enable mass communication digitally in the age of new media.

                           Today we all are effectively making use of this mass communication tool to share our views to the world at a click form our digital devices. It has provided us a platform to share our thoughts and knowledge without any hindrances worldwide.

                                  Another important aspect of new media isparticipatory communication” which has given rise to the term “participatory journalism”. For example, you saw any illegal practice going on in an area nearby,you can share it with people along with photographs or an audio/video clip by simply uploading it on you tube ,facebook,whats app,blogs etc. and inform people about it. Thus you contributed towards citizen journalism.

                                      Similarly new media can be widely used to promote you products and activities to the masses. Now a days it has become much easier to create a place for your talent online. You can promote your skills by making your own website, or creating blogs, or  via a facebook page….etc there are many websites for free of cost  where you can add your content and become popular among masses.

                            In short we can say that new media has smoothened the pathway for mass communication. The word intrapersonal is seem to be overshadowed by the effective use of new media because today we want to share our views instead of keeping it to ourselves.

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Love is never old or new…..for it cannot be bought or sold.

Who says love is done just for once……..?

 I feel it is done limitless and endless…….


                                                       When you share your heart with someone for the first time you are just like a nomadic because everything is quite new for you. And if unfortunately you lose it…..your life runs on a trajectory transitioning from smooth to a rough and tough path or it comes to a still. This is the case with most of the people specially the youngsters. But is it really a hardcore truth?

                                             I don’t find it exactly anywhere in my world of literature.  I think each and every person who by knowingly or unknowingly enters your life is special and holds a recognition. So you must welcome him/her with equivalent warmth, reverence and feelings. You cannot judge his/her presence in your life by the time at which he entered into your life. Because you haven’t offered any such opportunity

                                                                                        “who comes first will win”.

                                        Undoubtedly it’s true that no one can replace someone else’s place in somebody’s life… but it is also so true that every person holds a place in your heart in any of the aspects.

                                 If ever by the misfortune you lose someone who must have had held a superposition in your life, you always have those sweet memories. But life dose not stops there itself. Life also never shuts any door for you…it’s you who live in an illusion created by yourself. Just keep going and welcome the alterations life has come up with. Just remember one thing that this life is just like a plot of a play every single person whom you interact is a character of this play…..and as we all know every character whether small or big holds some importance. And each of them has a role to play which they do justice with and then leave the plot. But who will leave and who will stay till the end is not decided by us. We just have to let the play begin and continue because this is the truth of life.

                                    We should never say to someone “you are not like him/her” because he/she can never be like that and there is no need also to have the replicas. Change is always better so adjust with it.

    In second marriages it is the case most of the times that the one is not able to adjust because one has made oneself preoccupied with the thought that “no one can make me happy the way I used to be with him /her”. They have to come out of this illusion and broaden their vision to feel the presence of new entry in their life. It’s better to adjust with new companion than struggling with your old memories and doing injustice to those who are waiting for you.

Love is never old or new…..for it cannot be bought or sold.


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Don’t miss a single chance to add colors to your life !!!

Occasions are meant to realize the importance of each other in our life. Otherwise in this busy world where time is the money, we would have not got any chance to be together and spend some time with our close ones and even spare some time for ourselves.

Life just cannot be static….amidst our working hours,,,…professionalism….responsibilities …..future pondering…..and so on and on….; we have to  add some dazzling spark to it….to get renovated and feel the real us. That’s why every occasion is important…whether it’s a fest ….an informal get together….a birthday party or even any historical day when we remember the legends and talk about them in groups.

So this is just to mention that out of our daily routine we should take part lively in such small small occasions to feel afresh.

In my country there are so many a fests which are celebrated with zeal and few of them are celebrated Nation-wide. One such festival is approaching this month….on 17th OF march…..we call it “holi—-the festival of colors”

As the name says …it’s really colorful….and it adds colors to our life and brings smile to our dull faces.The fest comes with a tagline  ” don’t mind its HOLI”  and on this day we just don’t need any special preparations but the colors and a true feeling in our heart to celebrate it.

This is my last semester at my institute ….so we have already started playing with the colors….just couldn’t wait for the exact date even. So this is the impact of the Holi. Today was a very special day for us all….we all belong to different background still when we play holi we all are just a single entity.

So I would just like to say that enjoy every single moment…and whenever you get chance to be together with your friends don’t miss it…you never know when will you get that chance again in your life.

And with the aid of technology it has become so easy to capture your moments and keep them in your archive of heart forever and ever….because when after a long time you will turn those pages …you will for sure have a smile on your face and it will keep your old memories sharp….

It is also a way to live a happy life….so don’t miss any such opportunity where you can be with your friends and enjoy.

                                                            Your life is a flowing river……

                                                              Even if, someone throws stone into it….

                                                             It is never going to stop flowing….

                                                             Instead it quenches the thirst of that stone….

                                                                So just move on ….keep going….


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Happy Women’s Day

Khushi  ke khawab ko taabir ke saanche me dhala hai, 

Main wo beti hu jisasebeti ke aangan me ujala hai.

Nahi samjha hai  kuch bhi fark bete aur beti me,

Mere maa baap ne mujhko bahut naazo se pala hai!!


Jivan ko rangeen banana wala gulal hu main

Fir bhi na jane kyu logo ke liye sawal hu main?

Waqt ki kasauti to kab ki paar karli maine…

Har kadam par ek imtihaan fir kyu hu main?


Suni suni hai dagar suna suna sa safar

Saath apne nahi, fir bhi nahi lagta hai dar

kab tak ummed karu main is zamane se

bekhuaf nikal jana hai mujhe ab sawalo se.


raasta nahi hai itna aasan,,,

deni hai khwabo ko unchi udaan

kar lenge hum har mushkil aasan….

Zamin to hai apni …ab door nahi asmaan….


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