“I love you from top of my mind and not the bottom, of my heart”

01 Mar

Why is it so that we believe only on what we see…what we hear , what we can touch, what we taste…..but not what we feel?

God has provided us all with different organs including the sense organs. We are today in a society which is self-sustaining. We have to be our own gatekeepers in every phase of our life. With the assistance of the technology however it has become easier to expand our horizons and prove ourselves. But still we are lagging in some aspects and we all know this but can’t dare to admit.

A large number of people overtly speak about love …heart….feelings and emotions…;but when it comes to pragmatism every one  becomes skeptic about it. When there is a situation to lend our support and our belief to someone needy , who may be one of our known ones, we say “I don’t know …I haven’t seen …,I haven’t heard, haven’t touched it so how can I believe ?”

At this point …where does our heart goes? Does it stops functioning or it goes on leave? Why don’t we trust on what our heart says in such critical situations…? Is not the sense organ provided by God to us all?

This happens with most of us at some point in our life. The most common situation is when somebody is in a committed relationship with some other person and there comes a situation when one has to prove oneself before the other.

We say “ I trust you “ but we actually not. Rather we give much importance to our eyes, nose, ears, integument ….but not the heart though we keep flaunting ourselves using the word heart.

When we give least importance to heart in practical situations and give much importance to our mind and all other organs moreover…. then why don’t we admit it and why we keep saying:

                   “ I love you from the bottom of my heart”

why don’t we say

   “I love you from top of my mind”



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