“Loving yourself is not an imposiible task”

03 Mar
“Loving yourself is not an imposiible task”

Loving yourself is the best talent you can be inherent with.

You look at a beautiful lady or a gentleman and get flaunted by her / his beauty and for a second that site leaves a reflection in your mind

“ I wish I was blessed with such beauty”

You see somebody who sings so melodiously and get diverted to that tune which pours deeply into your heart the emotions. And here again you feel

“what a voice …. “i wish I was blessed with such terrific vocal cords to give lyrics  to my inner soul”.

When your eyes glance over an apt article or a creative masterpiece of writing that every word of it just takes you away from the darkness in your surroundings, your heart and your mind once again take pain to say

“I wish I was blessed with such thoughts and writing quality”

Even when you see someone with honesty, ultimate devotion, hard working, humbleness, you feel

“ I wish I was so generous”

This way we all at some point in our day to day life face a tussle with our own self. Not only this some of us who are so much irked by the struggle in their lives that they turn jittery. They also start believing that they are nothing but the jinx for themselves. It becomes a common phrase for them

“ this selfish world is not for me, nobody is for me here, I am good for nothing”. And one day they become their own enemy.

But this is not the end. Every person is blessed with a unique quality that distinguishes him or her. But he  or she has to find it in himself or herself. You can’t say that you are good for nothing and nobody likes you because practically you have not surveyed every corner of this world and came to a impractical conclusion that you are a looser. There is a place for you and that too within this world and among its inhabitants. Just listen to your inner soul and do what you feel like you can do with your best efforts. And don’t wait for the praises from others …first of all praise yourself.

You are your true judge after all. No one else can know you better than you.

In today’s time we have a number of platforms to share our views with the outer world that is the world outside us  …… like social networking sites, blogging, etc. Undoubtedly it is a good medium to find a place for oneself. If you don’t have a friend circle you just don’t have to simply wait hours on chatting and use fake identities to gain attention. Instead flaunt your qualities do something praise worthy and let the world now about you. Even if you get a single like for it will open doors of confidence for you.

There can be aplenty of options like you can write for various websites or portals, can make your own songs and mashups and upload it, make your documentary ….participate in various campaigns etc. there are so many things to do and with the aid of technology it becomes easier to show your creativity. And creativity is anything presented uniquely in your own style that leaves an impact on others.

So just look at yourself and fid what is there in you because the world is always waiting to know

what is hidden inside you.




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