Don’t miss a single chance to add colors to your life !!!

13 Mar

Occasions are meant to realize the importance of each other in our life. Otherwise in this busy world where time is the money, we would have not got any chance to be together and spend some time with our close ones and even spare some time for ourselves.

Life just cannot be static….amidst our working hours,,,…professionalism….responsibilities …..future pondering…..and so on and on….; we have to  add some dazzling spark to it….to get renovated and feel the real us. That’s why every occasion is important…whether it’s a fest ….an informal get together….a birthday party or even any historical day when we remember the legends and talk about them in groups.

So this is just to mention that out of our daily routine we should take part lively in such small small occasions to feel afresh.

In my country there are so many a fests which are celebrated with zeal and few of them are celebrated Nation-wide. One such festival is approaching this month….on 17th OF march…..we call it “holi—-the festival of colors”

As the name says …it’s really colorful….and it adds colors to our life and brings smile to our dull faces.The fest comes with a tagline  ” don’t mind its HOLI”  and on this day we just don’t need any special preparations but the colors and a true feeling in our heart to celebrate it.

This is my last semester at my institute ….so we have already started playing with the colors….just couldn’t wait for the exact date even. So this is the impact of the Holi. Today was a very special day for us all….we all belong to different background still when we play holi we all are just a single entity.

So I would just like to say that enjoy every single moment…and whenever you get chance to be together with your friends don’t miss it…you never know when will you get that chance again in your life.

And with the aid of technology it has become so easy to capture your moments and keep them in your archive of heart forever and ever….because when after a long time you will turn those pages …you will for sure have a smile on your face and it will keep your old memories sharp….

It is also a way to live a happy life….so don’t miss any such opportunity where you can be with your friends and enjoy.

                                                            Your life is a flowing river……

                                                              Even if, someone throws stone into it….

                                                             It is never going to stop flowing….

                                                             Instead it quenches the thirst of that stone….

                                                                So just move on ….keep going….


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