Love is never old or new…..for it cannot be bought or sold.

15 Mar

Who says love is done just for once……..?

 I feel it is done limitless and endless…….


                                                       When you share your heart with someone for the first time you are just like a nomadic because everything is quite new for you. And if unfortunately you lose it…..your life runs on a trajectory transitioning from smooth to a rough and tough path or it comes to a still. This is the case with most of the people specially the youngsters. But is it really a hardcore truth?

                                             I don’t find it exactly anywhere in my world of literature.  I think each and every person who by knowingly or unknowingly enters your life is special and holds a recognition. So you must welcome him/her with equivalent warmth, reverence and feelings. You cannot judge his/her presence in your life by the time at which he entered into your life. Because you haven’t offered any such opportunity

                                                                                        “who comes first will win”.

                                        Undoubtedly it’s true that no one can replace someone else’s place in somebody’s life… but it is also so true that every person holds a place in your heart in any of the aspects.

                                 If ever by the misfortune you lose someone who must have had held a superposition in your life, you always have those sweet memories. But life dose not stops there itself. Life also never shuts any door for you…it’s you who live in an illusion created by yourself. Just keep going and welcome the alterations life has come up with. Just remember one thing that this life is just like a plot of a play every single person whom you interact is a character of this play…..and as we all know every character whether small or big holds some importance. And each of them has a role to play which they do justice with and then leave the plot. But who will leave and who will stay till the end is not decided by us. We just have to let the play begin and continue because this is the truth of life.

                                    We should never say to someone “you are not like him/her” because he/she can never be like that and there is no need also to have the replicas. Change is always better so adjust with it.

    In second marriages it is the case most of the times that the one is not able to adjust because one has made oneself preoccupied with the thought that “no one can make me happy the way I used to be with him /her”. They have to come out of this illusion and broaden their vision to feel the presence of new entry in their life. It’s better to adjust with new companion than struggling with your old memories and doing injustice to those who are waiting for you.

Love is never old or new…..for it cannot be bought or sold.


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