“Trust is something we have to earn by giving trust in return”

20 Mar

The trust is just like a seed which is buried beneath the soil and it needs regular watering, sunlight, air…etc. for the normal growth. I haven’t used the term “nourishment” here in place of growth because nourishment is somewhat more than normal growth. It requires proper care and maintenance towards the growing seed till it develops into a plant. And even after that it still requires some efforts for its long life.

Trust, though phenomenal, is the building block of every relationship we make in our life. We say that 

“I have gained his confidence now I don’t need to bother”  

but it’s the common mistake we all commit very often.

Relationships are not like any writ or application or any testimonial that you have signed it for once and then your responsibility is over. And it is kept safe somewhere. You have to maintain that confidence which you have gained earlier. For maintaining a relationship you need to nourish your bonding with your companion (be it your spouse, friend, boss, ally etc).

In the course of our busy life we somehow forget to spare some time for our close ones. This further deepens the roots of alienation in the long run. And when we realize it ….it’s always too late. And as it is said that time will make things settle. It is the time only that ruins them. So be careful in diverting your time.

                                                              “Trust is something we have to earn by giving trust in return” 

At times it becomes a critical situation for us to believe on our close fellows. Though we love them care for them and know it better that they are never going to harm us or betray , yet we become unsuccessful in when our trust is most essentially needed by them. Why? Why it happens? Where our senses go at that time and why we become desperate to verify the things?

                                                         This is where the relationships start moving at the verge of vanishing point. we have got two eyes ,two ears ,one nose a heart in company of the mind still we can’t sense the truth at times. This is the biggest drawback of the humans.(not all).

It’s better to give some space to others as well because it cannot be always you and just you. It’s difficult to look the things from someone else’s point of view but not impossible. Infact, it will take you closer to him\her and have a clear understanding of his\her vision. 

                         There are some people who have some issues with their partner but they don’t ever tell him/her and they feel proud enough that they know the truth and will never admit. It would have been alright if they kept it going this way but there is something else going on in such people’s mind. They show their arrogance pride and pretend that they are just fine, though they are getting disturbed every moment. So why to commit such stupidity and hurt yourself? This way they prove themselves the miniature before the other person because they don’t have the guts to discuss the issue together and sought it out. And still they say that “ I trust you”. What kind of trust it is? It’s actually the illusion which they create for themselves and ruin their life in self ego. It ‘s better to forgive other’s mistakes and accept the regrets they show before you than to spoil the entire life in keeping that secret like something buried inside you ad pretend that “I trust you and have no problems with you”.

Life is beautiful and the relationships are the essence In it. Its not that difficult actually that we make it on our own. Change your vision and welcome the world.

                                                  “time might turn up again for you but the life once gone ,cannot”.

So live the moments and let others live it beautifully in your company. Trust yourself first and listen to your inner soul then commit any action

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