31 Mar

“Nobody is perfect” it’s a very common and well known phrase we come across in everyday life.

Whenever we give a fresh start to our work we feel we are going to do wonders towards its completion and if in due course it just goes the other way round we satisfy ourselves by saying “no one can be perfect” . Fine atleast I attempted it.
We use this phrase a number of times as a excuse as well. When our mother used to scold us for not putting the things at their right place we overtly speak to her “ I am not the perfect”
Similarly when we desire for something, and its usually the case that we aspire for the best thing available on this earth, and don’t achieve it we feel “ I am not the one for it”.
But there is one place in this world where we can be the superman or superwoman and we don’t have to use “nobody is perfect”. And that wonderful place is our “dreams”. Every one of you must definitely have had some interesting dreams, if not daily then often. We find our self in entirely a different while dreaming as if everything is under our control ad we need not to worry for the failures.
                                  Lucky are those who get a chance to dream! Because there are some who don’t even get a chance to take a sound sleep as they are so much perplexed into the hardship of their life. So dreams are also a gift to us.
Looking onto the other aspect of dreams ,it can be said that dreams give us a power booster to atleast attempt a task. In our dreams only we find ourselves doing the impossible tasks. And when we wake up some of us try to change their dream into reality. The imagination is the biggest thing for adding creativity to your task. And when you imagine differently you do it differently.
At times we find negativity in our dreams as well. Then some people start developing that fear in their mind that they are destined to misfortunes. And in their real lives when it effects adversely as their fear hampers their working efficiency. Instead they should change their perspective of taking things and accepting them. They should become conscious or try to relate their dreams with reality and interpret them accordingly.

It generally happens that we dream of whatever we are surrounded with,in reality.
Above all, dreams can be our best place to see the other side of our personality. Just like we stand in front of a mirror and talk to ourself , dreams are a wonderland where we see ourself interacting with others , which might be not possible in reality or have thought it so.



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