08 Apr

The world is made up of two most beautiful things – the man and the woman.

The two are complementary and we cannot deny the fact. If one is smiling the other is the need of the time to praise that smile….and this goes on.
                                        We most often talk about the male dominant society and it is a cup of tea of every country I suppose. Woman are secondary , I am not saying this but I have heard this a number of times. Many of you must have, too. But what is that deliberate need to use the word “dominant” here when both are the two sides of a coin…. ?
                                         Can any man on this world think of living on a planet that is devoid of a female or the vice-versa? Whether in any relationship , both are mandatory for the existence of life on this earth. The elite class knows this quite well and among them also I am not that sure if they do really. But the others who are highly superstitious or orthodox that they have just created a huge valley between the two genders. And to the worse of this situation some people are trying to widen this gap for their own causes which I think don’t have any relevance to reality.
                                                      This is the mirror image of the world today. No doubt woman have progressed a lot by now but still in books, on the internet, in common jargon as well as the deep rooted ideologies it still persists
“ MALE dominant society” or “ Woman are secondary” . But why ???????????

                                             Now coming to another interesting psychology of we humans only. When a boy grows up ,becomes mature enough to understand his persona and the outer world, he feels a need to have some one for whom he feels something different ,a soft corner in his heart. Actually he wants a beautiful young, charming “girl” in his life and he so desperately waits for her. It is the dream of most of the young boys at this age. They have a lot of respect , love ,care for that female section of the society , and it is the same gender for whom they are even ready to fight with their friends or family. Because she is their ultimate desire, reasons may be any.
But when these people get married and have their first child as a “girl” they feel as if they have been cursed. They were waiting for a baby boy who could be their supporter in future etc.I am not saying this is the case with ever one but yes it is prevalent in the society in major count.

                                                   So why is this big difference in mentality for the same gender at different situations? Can we spare a few second in our life to give a thought to this difference?

                                                        Why can’t we understand that the two genders are not for debate and discussions they are for making this world a heaven a place where we all can live carefree in the arms of the nature?


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