13 Apr

The silence between you and me …….it seems to me like the day and the night.

Both are ought to take place but not together. Still there is a point when one has to disappear and the other has to rise. And that’s the most beautiful moment above all. You and me seems to be two yet single entity. I am silent here and you are quiet there, still the flow between us is continuous ,no one can prohibit. And that flow is of emotions deep rooted within our hearts. My day begins with your thought my night approaches with your talks(imaginary) and still the world says “ I am alone”. Because it is the language beyond them. I am shattered without you, hopeless without you, and complete just with you…because I am living for you.


These are the lines which become a part of most of us at some point of our life. And we don’t realize that how much time we have lost in maintaining this silence and that to knowingly or perhaps unknowingly. The doors of approaches have been closed by us only and still a window of hope we all want to remain open so that we keep peeping out ….but dare not open the door. But why this all ? why to give so much pain to our self?

There is a lot to do in this life and its full of energy, we just cannot deny this fact. There are some anomalies everywhere because there has to be a corner for improvement . and it is to be mentioned here that improvement is possible only when there are certain anomalies. So why not to accept them?

Time heals every wound. So let the time heal and patch up your flaws and accept the improvements rather than linger it on for perfections. Life has to be lived up with joy and enthusiasm because you never know what is its limitation time. And the moments are like seasonal changes so try to adjust yourself accordingly. But don’t wait too long for it. Just go on to approach.

  Because it is better to have a company and adjust than to be stagnant and alone.

     It’s better to be in an imperfect company than to be perfect but alone.


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