Exclusive Interview

14 Apr

Looking beyond your own vision seems to be very easy for some,but it is the toughest task. You can become an encyclopedia for this world one day by imbibing a huge stock of knowledge and wisdom. You can become a learned personality and an example for the others,undoubtedly. But who will judge that you have met yourself thoroughly,completely and perfectly,though quite often?

               So let us give a day, a week or a few moments to an exclusive interview ,which is not with any celebrity,a friend,or rather any known and unknown figure, but with “YOU”. The conversation will take place between just two of you……….

  1. The first one is you,whom the world knows….
  2. The second is you, whom nobody knows……

Your objective of the interview is simply to explore yourself vividly, fearlessly and comprehensively.

We all are running just like anything in this world. Some have their aims while the others are just moving on,being ignorant . after doing a lot of hard work , putting in so much of efforts , even after getting appraisals and awards and recognition , we feel some unsatisfaction, as if this was not we were wanting.

And that is why people feel lonely,depressed,sentimental , even after reaching the Everest of success in their life. And we all know that if one cannot make himself/herself happy, his/her surroundings cannot be happier. God has given us these sense organs for what? So that when we smile ,the others might feel happy after looking at us, if we sing melodiously, the voice can reach millions to provoke their souls for harmony. And for all this we should understand the chemistry,physics ,biology and psychology of our self.

Spare some time for yourself and talk to yourself,whether in front of a mirror,while watering the plants,meditation,morning walk, or any time you feel you are with yourself. But do this. Just as if you were asked to take a personal interview of someone , today you have to be face to face with yourself. Quickly go through what all you have achieved till now, with how much effort, under what circumstances and pressures, and what all have you sacrificed or devoted in fulfilling you desires. While this movie goes on in front of you, try to recollect what you want now from life? Are you not happy, it is said that when you are actually happy and contented in your life, you become an innocent child, you behave carefree, like a freebie, and that time you are in your best mood. You also do certain mistakes nut that is for fun. Is it not true??? This is the best way to judge yourself.

                     But if you have lost all such joys in your life and still people see you as successful then you are lying to yourself actually.

Find out all that you are missing ,and feel like doing today.After doing anything just talk to yourself you are happy with it. Is it the best of you?

Now analyze you self if you have successfully interviewed yourself. Work on the flaws to improve it and make it your routine habit to judge yourself. And it will somehow broaden your vision towards a better understanding of your life.


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