The real test of your patience

30 Apr

It’s rightly said that when you cry in happiness it gives you so much satisfaction which you could otherwise never achieve.

Smile cannot be purchased. It cannot be rather borrowed just like you borrow money, cell phone, vehicle, from your friends.
Smile and happiness cannot be snatched or stolen ……. and even if one tries to commit such crimes he cannot have it for his own use, indeed it will remain defunct for him.

And the real smile and happiness is realized only when you gain something after it was once lost.
That moment should be captured for a life time. ….… USING CAMCORDERS OFCOURSE !!!

Same is the case when you find someone after having him lost. It’s a law of nature….that you realize the importance only when things are missing from your life. When we fight over small issues we don’t realize what we are speaking out, that might hurt the other person, but at the same time when we receive harshness from him/her we save it in our memories just like a backup of our files…..and we keep memorizing it till the end. Again ….here the human tendency …..not to admit the mistakes.

But let me tell you….that you actually want to admit mistakes… infact, you already have…but you don’t have the guts to speak out. And you want the other person to become a mind reader who can understand what you are going through.
And in the due course things become much more complicated instead of getting resolved.

Its true that after a big tussle of harsh conversations ……. when things go wrong in every way….one should set back and leave the things for time…. so that when mind changes your thoughts will definitely change. But this is transient….you cannot leave it for long for destiny and all that.
Think of a pleasant mood when you are fresh enough and confident that “yes today I am going to make things perfect for us” and approach your friend with the same zeal. Don’t over react or panic just be the real you and see if the things turn the way you wanted.
Even if you don’t get a response for the first time give it a try if there is any sign of acceptance from the other side… at times there i s an immense love hidden behind those scoldings and silence perhaps…………. never ignore it !

This is the real test of your patience indeed !!!

And it is better to say sorry for all those things that you have done or not done, forget about the list but at that time just admit because your admittance can provide you your admit card for an entry into someone’s heart.

It’s not that difficult try it with creative ideas. Do all those stupid things but with sincerity.
It’s just as simple as it is…. that you have to realize that people expect you to ask them for their hand but don’t want to say it !!! Again a strange human behaviour ….

It gives a life like feeling when you achieve this way…..its more than anything for you. At the same time it makes you realize that how much you need someone to understand you…..


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