17 May

Time passes on so quickly. If we look around we can see and perceive that how time has changed everything. What was once the need of the time today has been replaced by its advanced model. This is the era of technology that has encapsulated us all. I was just cleaning my store room one day, and was amazed to find something before my eyes, and it was nothing new and unique but an old piece of telephone set.

Remember ? those big and heavy boxes which had a mouthpiece for answering and receiving calls. I just cleaned it up and carried away with me to my room. For few seconds i was just staring at its every part as if i was looking at it for the first time.

Well i just want to say that gone are the days when talking to someone over a telephone was not that easy as it is today with our smart phones. I remember there was just one phone set in my house. And it was a craze at that times to call someone even without the necessity. And wait for hours so that it rings.

It was not possible to maintain the utmost privacy in those times, because it was not a mobile device. But there are many interesting experiences of those days with the landline sets.

When so many people are sitting in the living room, almost your complete family,busy gossiping, and at time when you are anxious about the phone call.

We could not anticipate ,this was the biggest drawback in those days. So as soon as the phone rings…..every body turns around to receive it. And you feel to run to it quickly so that no one else should receive it….this was funny!!!

And when you attend a call in rush, you are a bit perplexed. And you don’t get word to speak out. Amazing were those days ,when one had to talk to his /her friend,and every body was staring at the phone,so curious to lknow what was going on. And weused to repeat the same words like “ yeah everything is fine here…..i m good, i have done my work…..fine will do that……” and so many such common phrases.

Perhaps this was the only time for many of us to talk to a friend(may be a girlfriend/boyfriend) about studies and all, but unwillingly, because everyone else in the surroundings was keeping an ear and eye at us.

Another interesting part was when there were several blank calls given through these sets. And these calls are attended by our elders. It was the most difficult situation, when our expressions did wonders. At such situations we felt most of the times “ why is it ringing now only?” remember there was not a vibrator mode at that times. Thank god for the technological advances !!!

We also could not change our numbers in those days to get rid of those unwanted calls. How tedious was life I wonder.

Then i took out my mobile phone in my hand and kissed it deliberately and thanked to technology . My words were “ who discovered this mobile device,,,,, thanks to him/her” .

Today life is entirely different as we all know. Privacy is maintained and we are just used to it. I am sure nobody will like to go back to that era of landline telephone, in today’s life. Just IMPOSSIBLE !!!!

So this is the changing time……which has brought so many rigorous transformations in our daily life that we have become accustomed to it, we don’t want to go back. One has to change with the changing times…..!!!

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