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This world is a rounded one …. a circular one, where one has no where to go and still keeps on revolving around. It is great to see how things are related in our life. It just requires a keen eye and a peculiar observation. I was just staring my wall clock, persistently , and all of a sudden an idea twisted into the grooves and the ridges of my brain. That why is the clock system made this way… i mean the two hands of the clock revolve around in a circular pathway. They start from a point and reach that same place. This goes on and on… .. and this entire world is just dependent on this circular movement of the two hands.

Life is just the same… a circular movement. What we do in one half … we receive at another half. We all have to keep moving … our starting point becomes our destination in a complete round and then once again the journey begins. The life just goes on….. no matter at what number you started… you will come to it once again…. a lot of things depend upon the pace with which you start your journey, but you have to follow the course that is mandatory.

There is an equal distribution of happiness and sadness  in life… its just that we count only sadness…. and start cursing our destiny.

These one to twelve numbers are the gist of life…. what has to be done it will be done ….. just like the hands of clock have to bypass every number…. the only thing that can be done is that one can slow down or fasten the movement of the hands…. but cannot change the pathway.

Now …. waiting for hours is another interesting thing….. this is perhaps a familiar phrase for all of us.

We deliberately wait for hours … for so many things … and most difficult is the situation when you don’t know the time limit… you keep guessing about it……

We wait for bus, trains, flights, college , office hours…. for friends, for jobs or any other offerings…..

Apart from this we also wait for others’ responses….. and sometimes we wait for ourselves as well. This is just to test our potential… that how much can we tolerate the delay by others.

There are moments in life when we love to wait for an endless time…. though we actually become impatient. We keep watching the two hands of the clock …. wait for our turn. Sometimes waiting for things is just the favorite time pass. We love to wait than to wipe it off. We cannot call it a waste of time…. though it actually is at times. Because there are certain things which cannot be replaced with their alternatives. We feel privilege to wait for them…. just like a blind guess. And this capability is with humans only. They know when to wait and when to move on depending on their will , influenced by the circumstances.

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