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life has no age

LIFE has no age….

You are a juvenile person from within at every stage of your life.

It is the thoughts that make you young, and mature at times.

Experiences come like a guest in our life…. UNEXPECTED !!!

But it is that very moment which makes you learn so many things.

And not only learn…. it makes you realize where you stand.

Many people start planning from the day one….. an endless list of tasks ….. to be performed. Then they become conscious if it is not fulfilled…. again so much of PRESSURE !!!!!

The traffic of events in our life goes on. But why to give a halt to your thoughts at every stoppage? It should flow like a river. And it is never too late to give a kick to your thoughts….. to bring your imagination to the floor.

Whether you are in your 20s…. 30s….. 40s…… who cares?

At least your mind is not going to ask you about your age. You can think beyond …. there isn’t any limit. Actually it keeps you younger and refreshing. And there is no time limit as such to be crazy… funny… more of participatory… juvenile….. and naughty as well.

Is there an age to set forth to taste a yummy ice cream???

To play your favourite indoor games???

To ride a bicycle …. even if you own a car???

To wear contrasting clothes…. ???

To make funny faces … roll your tongue…. ???

Or even to join a date over a coffee???

Time and life …. are never going to come and ask you for a license to show your age card (just like any credit card, identity card) and then get approved for any such tasks or rather to live your life in the absence of compromises. You are lucky enough for a free journey here !!!

So why to wait … and what to wait for…???

Life has no age….

Indeed it cherishes you till the ages.



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