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It’s always you … you and you !

It’s always you … you and you !
Look at me … what have you made of me ?
I was a dynamic, exotic persona….
Capable of giving an all time turbulence
Generations went unconscious with my exuberance
I was being admired, lovingly sattired !
Then one day I met a serious accident…
When you came into my life…. of what a tragedy !
I was all prepared to be hanged to death
Just like anyone ,falling into a deep well of “LOVE”
I wish I could have gauzed the depth of it.
But being an unfortunate I became a victim.
What all I’ve lost in that major accident…
I still can’t recover from its hallucinations.
The million dollar smile i had to sacrifice,
The carefree wings of freedom i had to set apart;
Oh how tragic had been those days when you were with me.
Now I deeply have gone through a transformation,
Living for what I feel is right is the only thing I FEEL IS RIGHT.
Why should I give a damn to anyone, like you
When I am the best ,and the best I can do .
I am a freebie now, my blood pressure is maintained now.
My heart beats are upto their normal now,
I breathe a cool breeze air, with an open heart I dare.
So listen to me you all…..
I am just the me and not a baby doll.
I can steer the car of my life well,
I just don’t want you…. next to hell !!!


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Never love , like or hate someone , more than he /she deserves.

it is said that anything if goes in excess or is in deficiency, it may be injurious or rather worthless. similar is the situation when it comes to feelings and emotions. loving someone is altogether a different feeling which adds colors to our life. similarly when you hate so dislike someone you need a lot of efforts to prepare and control yourself. definitely its not an easy task. And it really is a regretful thing when you receive an unpleasant response from the people. then you realize that why the hell was i so much concerned about him/her? why the hell i wasted my precious time over hurting or degrading him/her. and even why the hell i ever made him / her my choice?

so its better be very quantitative, because its simply that every word counts !!!


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