It’s always you … you and you !

30 Sep

It’s always you … you and you !
Look at me … what have you made of me ?
I was a dynamic, exotic persona….
Capable of giving an all time turbulence
Generations went unconscious with my exuberance
I was being admired, lovingly sattired !
Then one day I met a serious accident…
When you came into my life…. of what a tragedy !
I was all prepared to be hanged to death
Just like anyone ,falling into a deep well of “LOVE”
I wish I could have gauzed the depth of it.
But being an unfortunate I became a victim.
What all I’ve lost in that major accident…
I still can’t recover from its hallucinations.
The million dollar smile i had to sacrifice,
The carefree wings of freedom i had to set apart;
Oh how tragic had been those days when you were with me.
Now I deeply have gone through a transformation,
Living for what I feel is right is the only thing I FEEL IS RIGHT.
Why should I give a damn to anyone, like you
When I am the best ,and the best I can do .
I am a freebie now, my blood pressure is maintained now.
My heart beats are upto their normal now,
I breathe a cool breeze air, with an open heart I dare.
So listen to me you all…..
I am just the me and not a baby doll.
I can steer the car of my life well,
I just don’t want you…. next to hell !!!


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