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The doors of the heart are opened from inside

An artist was asked by his customer to draw a beautiful painting of a heart with a door. The customer seemed to be fascinated by something and he waited anxiously for the painting to be completed. The artist was a compassionate person like any other creative person. He began with his work. He used a variety of lovely colours to put life to his painting. His wrist was flexible enough with the brush in his hand. After sometime, the painting was ready. It was just a masterpiece of the artist’s hard work and passion. The customer gave a thirsty look to the painting, as if it was next to life to him. After going through it from top to bottom, his eyebrows contracted a little, and then he turned towards the painter, who was waiting eagerly for the appreciation. The customer said “ where is the handle of this door? Have you forgotten to draw that?”

These two questions one after the other came like hammering to the artist’s expectations. But artist stayed calm and patient and politely replied to the customer’s query.

“the doors of the heart are opened from inside, and never outside, so there was no need of the handle sir” ….said the artist.

Similarly it is implemented in our life, we should understand this fact that we can’t force anyone to let us live in one’s heart. Relationships are made by the sharing of two people’s emotions and not by intruding in someone’s life, just for one’s ego or any other motive.Let the door of the heart be opened by itself.


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I called him….

He rebuked me…..

I kept myself aloof from him…..deserted my path from him.

Time passed away….. there is the climax now

He messaged me “hi”

I was left in a dilemma, by then. I replied “hello”

Now was his turn.. He… so overwhelmed that he blocked me.

What then? It enraged me? No I was burst into laughter. Because I knew him.

A few days later was his day… his happy birthday.

He unblocked me.. hopefully waiting for my response.

And i checked if he had unblocked me. So stupid.

And still I refrained myself to text him.

This was quite weird to him. Not less than a surprise.

A few days later, he messaged me again. “what are you doing…. You upset? “

I had gone through that single line a several times and interpreted it in my own ways.

But I couldn’t text him. Because I was preoccupied with the thought that he wants to derogate me for sure. But my heart kept palpating .

He was on the other side, try to solve this puzzle. He warned all our common friends not to respond to my call. And I asked for the same favor from them as well.

The friends must have been laughing at our stupidity.

Now one is the east and other is the west…. Though we think the same, above the rest.

This is the true bonding…… we know each other well, even of the smallest acts. Still say blatantly “ you can never understand me”. LOVE IS IN THE AIR….


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Life is a busy darling these days……

Life is a busy darling these days……

You just can’t part with it, neither can you get a hold of it. Times have come to such a drastic transformation that one simply has become used to the variety in one’s life. You desire new belongings everyday…. Indeed you can’t afford to see the same dream again and again. Life is ephemeral??? Or your presence has become the ephemeral ,you are a little confused about it.

One buys a new furnished house… wants his floor to be highly polished, as if one can see one’s face in it. And on the other hand one is busy developing frictions in one’s relationship. This is the irony of time. If you have something good you are doubtful why it is that way, and if something you achieve is best you are busy discovering baseless reasons to find how come you have that best thing with you. Is it really true or shall I continue my search for another one.

We keep mystifying our life in our own ways. And then we say life is just not an easy one. Because we are so much occupied and preoccupied with so many things we have cluttered in our small mind that we are unable to find a clear pathway to our smooth and successful life.

And when one is unable to blame anyone for his misfortunes his failures, he starts turning towards god and the destiny. Because he knows ,no one else is going to tolerate his blunders. He better knows this thing. One is just busy in whatever ,he does not know, but he is busy. He dreams of something else , thinks of another things, and desires something else, and in between he is confused what he has achieved is worthy of it or not. And this road of unsatisfaction goes on…..

We see what our neighbour is wearing ,what is he indulged into, and we hardly get time to see what we have to do. And then we say… “ HE IS A LUCKY CHAMP”


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One is lonely even in relations

A mistake I had committed ago a period of time

It seems it will last for a lifetime.

I do not want to water the past saplings

To revive them to kill my happenings.

It’s all a mourning scenario of unpleasant rhymes

 Which makes my morning dull , a several times.

I used to sit quiet in my own way

I do not want to find you even on this hay.

Your magnetism is just like misty clouds

You like the aura but can’t get them bound.

Life is a canvas of endless strokes….

Whatever is not understood becomes a joke.

Still in the plains one finds frictions…

One is lonely even in  relations !!!




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Empty your TRASH… Before you become the same for someone

“TRASH folder”
“SPAM Folder”
“Junk Folder”

Who wants to have this folder filled up? Nobody , indeed it really sucks when you see your folders with these popular names buzzed up. Because you have to select the mails out of thousands to decide which ones you should keep it in your inbox or archive.

Now the resemblance is to your daily life, in which you come across a number of people. Some remain in your life as archives, some as inbox dwellers to whom you stay connected on regular basis. But there are some who are just like a crap or an irksome material . And you just keep them in your trash folder(or junk or spam). Now the thing is for how long you are going to keep them as your trash item in your life. Do you really want to check them and give aches to your mind and heart and indulge yourself in a dilemma as to shift them to your inbox or not. And if they can be shifted to inbox or not because it is not necessary that they are waiting for your good response. May be they are busy shifting you to their trash folders.

So why to hamper your present life and give a loads of traffic to it. Quickly go and keep your trash empty. Because if you are not going to do that, perhaps you won’t be able to concentrate on you inbox, which might provide you a better option. Simple is the rule of life these days…. If some thing is in touch …. You can be updated to it else if you lingered it on you won’t get a chance to review it, because today time is just flowing away. Every nanosecond is important for us.

And it gives a lot of relaxation to you. As it is well said…

Never let anyone stay in your beautiful life more than he or she deserves.



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Is it worth to say “happy Diwali” ?

Its DUSSEHRA today……and it will be followed by the festival of lights ……DIWALI.  So here in INDIA, this is the month of huge celebrations. Everyone is busy in the preparations of the festive season.

Now if i recall the historical as well as the mythological importance of this festival…. it is said that this is to remark the victory of good over evil. so we the festival memorises us to progress in that direction.

but today in the advanced times, we all have become so much infused with virtual knowledge that we do not find adequate time to actually celebrate this festival which shows us the path of truth. people crack fires all over, enjoy to their fullest, but they forget to burn the evil, the impurities ,the RAVANA inside themselves. they all have become pretenders before themselves only. its all about money and self motive today,instead of values and humanity.

today i can see people lavishly spending on worship ceremonial activities, buying sweets and gifts and what not.but they are doing this all just for the sake of status and society and not the moral values. they have deeply burried inside themselves the feeling of selfishness, virtuality,greed,and jealousy.

peolpe spend a lot of bucks on lightning, during this season. but on the other hand if they have been asked to let the light of their corridor or balcony open for one night ,so that a poor can study in that light, they can’t bear to afford the expense of electricity.

they perhaps need to understand that celebration has to be from inside,when you have done a good deed. and not by fulfilling your own motives.

so think before wishing happy diwali to anyone. is it really  happy for you?



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