Is it worth to say “happy Diwali” ?

03 Oct

Its DUSSEHRA today……and it will be followed by the festival of lights ……DIWALI.  So here in INDIA, this is the month of huge celebrations. Everyone is busy in the preparations of the festive season.

Now if i recall the historical as well as the mythological importance of this festival…. it is said that this is to remark the victory of good over evil. so we the festival memorises us to progress in that direction.

but today in the advanced times, we all have become so much infused with virtual knowledge that we do not find adequate time to actually celebrate this festival which shows us the path of truth. people crack fires all over, enjoy to their fullest, but they forget to burn the evil, the impurities ,the RAVANA inside themselves. they all have become pretenders before themselves only. its all about money and self motive today,instead of values and humanity.

today i can see people lavishly spending on worship ceremonial activities, buying sweets and gifts and what not.but they are doing this all just for the sake of status and society and not the moral values. they have deeply burried inside themselves the feeling of selfishness, virtuality,greed,and jealousy.

peolpe spend a lot of bucks on lightning, during this season. but on the other hand if they have been asked to let the light of their corridor or balcony open for one night ,so that a poor can study in that light, they can’t bear to afford the expense of electricity.

they perhaps need to understand that celebration has to be from inside,when you have done a good deed. and not by fulfilling your own motives.

so think before wishing happy diwali to anyone. is it really  happy for you?



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