Empty your TRASH… Before you become the same for someone

14 Oct

“TRASH folder”
“SPAM Folder”
“Junk Folder”

Who wants to have this folder filled up? Nobody , indeed it really sucks when you see your folders with these popular names buzzed up. Because you have to select the mails out of thousands to decide which ones you should keep it in your inbox or archive.

Now the resemblance is to your daily life, in which you come across a number of people. Some remain in your life as archives, some as inbox dwellers to whom you stay connected on regular basis. But there are some who are just like a crap or an irksome material . And you just keep them in your trash folder(or junk or spam). Now the thing is for how long you are going to keep them as your trash item in your life. Do you really want to check them and give aches to your mind and heart and indulge yourself in a dilemma as to shift them to your inbox or not. And if they can be shifted to inbox or not because it is not necessary that they are waiting for your good response. May be they are busy shifting you to their trash folders.

So why to hamper your present life and give a loads of traffic to it. Quickly go and keep your trash empty. Because if you are not going to do that, perhaps you won’t be able to concentrate on you inbox, which might provide you a better option. Simple is the rule of life these days…. If some thing is in touch …. You can be updated to it else if you lingered it on you won’t get a chance to review it, because today time is just flowing away. Every nanosecond is important for us.

And it gives a lot of relaxation to you. As it is well said…

Never let anyone stay in your beautiful life more than he or she deserves.



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