26 Oct

I called him….

He rebuked me…..

I kept myself aloof from him…..deserted my path from him.

Time passed away….. there is the climax now

He messaged me “hi”

I was left in a dilemma, by then. I replied “hello”

Now was his turn.. He… so overwhelmed that he blocked me.

What then? It enraged me? No I was burst into laughter. Because I knew him.

A few days later was his day… his happy birthday.

He unblocked me.. hopefully waiting for my response.

And i checked if he had unblocked me. So stupid.

And still I refrained myself to text him.

This was quite weird to him. Not less than a surprise.

A few days later, he messaged me again. “what are you doing…. You upset? “

I had gone through that single line a several times and interpreted it in my own ways.

But I couldn’t text him. Because I was preoccupied with the thought that he wants to derogate me for sure. But my heart kept palpating .

He was on the other side, try to solve this puzzle. He warned all our common friends not to respond to my call. And I asked for the same favor from them as well.

The friends must have been laughing at our stupidity.

Now one is the east and other is the west…. Though we think the same, above the rest.

This is the true bonding…… we know each other well, even of the smallest acts. Still say blatantly “ you can never understand me”. LOVE IS IN THE AIR….


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