The doors of the heart are opened from inside

29 Oct

An artist was asked by his customer to draw a beautiful painting of a heart with a door. The customer seemed to be fascinated by something and he waited anxiously for the painting to be completed. The artist was a compassionate person like any other creative person. He began with his work. He used a variety of lovely colours to put life to his painting. His wrist was flexible enough with the brush in his hand. After sometime, the painting was ready. It was just a masterpiece of the artist’s hard work and passion. The customer gave a thirsty look to the painting, as if it was next to life to him. After going through it from top to bottom, his eyebrows contracted a little, and then he turned towards the painter, who was waiting eagerly for the appreciation. The customer said “ where is the handle of this door? Have you forgotten to draw that?”

These two questions one after the other came like hammering to the artist’s expectations. But artist stayed calm and patient and politely replied to the customer’s query.

“the doors of the heart are opened from inside, and never outside, so there was no need of the handle sir” ….said the artist.

Similarly it is implemented in our life, we should understand this fact that we can’t force anyone to let us live in one’s heart. Relationships are made by the sharing of two people’s emotions and not by intruding in someone’s life, just for one’s ego or any other motive.Let the door of the heart be opened by itself.


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