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settlement in your own life

Settlement into your own life is just like renovating your room,house or any of your favorite place. Its quite an interesting way of knowing yourself once again, coming across those roads for one more time. this phase of life is realized esp. when one is away from his/her home,family, near or dear ones, far away… in search of something. and what is that ‘something’ ? it is career prospects for some, making money, earning recognition, or indeed finding meaning to this life. when you were at the verge of stepping out of your last phase, you might have promised not to turn back,and let your past whirl around you. but what happens when that past knocks you? do you thrash it? do you embrace it? actually you do not get that much of time to think and analyze. you just get accustomed to what is being going on,as if all for the first time. thus the surroundings matter a lot. certain things in our life never get replaced. we just renovate our ideas, our way of living, which somehow moderates our way of thinking. and this is how our relations get bonded. it gives an appeasing feel that warmth when you find some one is still in your touch. and it really makes you happy indeed happiest. so it was nothing new or unexpected but seems as if life has gone a transformation.

welcome the changes in your life

you never know when the doors get closed

try not to be the controller of your smile

rather have a hold on your anguish


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life is a big tussle. It is a dream at some points of time and a nightmare at others. It is a perplexing journey altogether. When life takes a speedy turn, you do not understand what to think and what to do.It seems as if the mystifying clouds are all around you and you are lost somewhere. When time changes, the circumstances change, thereby changing your attitude. No matter how quick and smart you are at calculations, you fail to calculate what have you lost and how much have you gained. Your bright future is ahead of you ,perhaps waiting for your next move towards your goal, and your past which is not willing to pass on. the memories hovering.but still you choose any one. And this is the most analytical situation . Most of the times you fail to understand what is the reason of your lost smile,that comfort. and when you realize, it is already too late. Depriving yourself of your happiness becomes mandatory at times,and this happiness is what you are looking for.During such times you often remember God, and leave everything to him, and with this belief you continue with your journey,though your happiness has always been your priority. it requires a lot of patience .. a lot of courage to sacrifice the one who is your ultimate desire. A thought is coming to me, that is it sole responsibility of the person who has sacrificed or the one who has been sacrificed? I think both should understand the depth and have a reverence for each other.


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