what to write?

20 Dec

It happens at times, in our life that we could not do what ever we used to do most of the times. and at the same time it happens that we do all that we never could have done in our lifetime. and can you guess why is it so? what could be the possible reason? is it the circumstances? the shortage or excess of time? or any new entry?  i love writing, i just love putting on my thoughts on paper(these days getting dizitised) and i just don’t get bored up writing. but these days i am unable to pen down anything ,though i have endless thoughts in my mind each second, i carry these thoughts so well in my dreams as well that i am unable to sleep properly.

it happens when you are filled with so many ideas, that you hardly get time to give them a shape. perhaps it’s because you are loving to spend all your time with the reason giving you that idea. it may be anything to anyone.  and when you get time to write …. you just waste so many sheets of paper , because you don’t understand what to write, how to reflect your thoughts which are so pure on your sheets. this is perplexing at times.

it is the effect of someone’s presence in our life or is it his/her absence in our life, it depends….. !!!


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