19 Feb


Reading is contagious. I believe this. One of my dear ones has presented me with a pile of books. And it is of immense pleasure to me that these are not just books. It’s rejuvenation to me. I have been blessed with “diamond comics”. These tiny scriptures have taken me too my golden era of childhood. I got 7 books, and it just took a night to finish off with reading every bit of those valuable pieces of writing.  I was lost into the colourful dresses of PINKY, red turban of CHACHA CHAUDHARY, tall and bald physique of SABOO. I was going through each book as if I was in my 4- 5 standard. Today, I am mature to have a perspective to understand the terms like graphics of the book, colour theory, font setting, editing, layout and many more. But I’m missing something. I’m missing my school and neighbour friends, my pocket money that i used to receive (it was limited), with which it was not easy to purchase a large number of my favourite books like comics. Diminished are those memories when I used to wait anxiously for the next edition of the comics, and managing money to purchase it was much more annoying, I remember. When school home work became secondary most of the times, when anything else became subsidiary for me, these precious write ups were enough to add to my treasury. And today, when I am able to afford a thousand bucks worth comics or any of my favourite book, I have lost the real charm to read it, the feel to get into the character. Today I am unable to take out time to go through them. And I cannot make my rest of the tasks secondary. Times have changed. The habits have changed. Reading has become even professional. But when you see someone reading a comic and sitting in front of you, in a train, on the bench of a park or in a lobby, your eyes notice them, and you probably ask – can i just have a look to this book? Oh from where could you manage to grab it? May I have a copy of it? This is the way the reading is promoted. Reading is never old, monotonous and expensive. It can be shared.

So what are you waiting for? Go and grab a book of your taste and take out time to go through it. An if you manage to read an old and popular book of your childhood time, it could memorize your precious time and bring a smile or a wishful tear to your eyes.

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