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Plagiarism can deoxygenate creativity

Where do ideas come from to strike your mind? Are they generated in a section of your brain? For most of you, it’s a ‘Yes’. Then how? The plausible answer can be from the observations. But merely observing cannot add to your creative role-play. The observed data needs to be interpreted in a creative way giving your analysis of the interpretations. Writing a blog is all for instance is not giving an essay on a particular topic. It is about your understanding you want to share with world with welcoming comments for a corner of improvisations.


Moving to the next source of ideation, quite a common term today, ‘plagiarism’. With the boom of technology it has become much simpler to imitate an idea, concept or even the entire work, and cite it as own. Is it the lack of time or the lack of willingness to be creative that is pushing people into the web of plagiarism? Merely copying is just like de-oxygenating your creativity. Your brain stops thinking beyond imaginations, if you spoon feed it. Ultimately you will stand like a commoner in the crowd unnoticed by the passers.


Dissertation writing also requires your understanding from various perceptions. It is not about presenting others’ work with your label or disguising it with technological aids.


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Dissertations – from ‘dream’ to ‘phobia’

“I am currently in my last year of degree course and it seems as if I am in last year of my life. My dissertations are due in 20 days. I don’t know what to do. Am I going to fail? Rather I am convinced with the notion of failing successfully in my dissertations”


These are the common mouth pieces of people aspiring to complete their dissertations. They must have initiated with a dream of dissertations which is transformed into a phobia. As soon as the deadline approaches, they come to know what was the topic of dissertation? Was it the one which interests them actually? Their journey of dissertations collapses from ‘dream’ to ‘phobia’.

Dissertation is a research of your perceptions to bring a solution to the challenges prevalent in your surroundings. They are not meant to fill your brain with wordy knowledge. They require you to investigate and interact with your brain. The journey of dissertation begins with the ‘topic’. Just like you need to know about your destination before taking a path to it, you have to have a clear and crisp understanding of the topic. The next step is to think ‘why’ this topic?

Working under guidelines is another big problem for many. They feel as if they have been restricted. But guidelines are actually to give a shape to your vague ideas. They help you to manage your content in a desired way.

Time management is the deciding factor as well. Your credits for dissertations require you to devote equal time to your assignments and other tasks related to research. Procrastinations on a consistent term, converts your ‘dream’ into a ‘phobia’.

The phobia of dissertation is something that affects a growing number of people all over the world. It not fails in your dissertation, but hampers your skills of confidence, motivation, reasoning and thinking in your daily life as well.


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