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When everything feels like an uphill, think of the view from the top….

When everything feels like an uphill struggle, and you start getting down your confidence, just give a second thought – think of the view from the top.

life is really gonna be a topsy-turvy in terms of circumstances, if we start following this simple thought. when you are overburdened with failures and negativity in life, don’t just keep glaring at the height of the challenges. Indeed think of the growth in your confidence level, when you will be on top of all these mounds of struggle. Take it positively.

Challenges knock the doors of those who are capable of knocking them down

Those who don’t dare to get into the river of difficulties, will never know what is simplified life. To know the other side of a thing, you need to know both the aspects. If there would have been no darkness in this world, people could not have known the essence of light.

Similar is the situation in life as well. You can better motivate yourself, in your own way only if you wish to. Can you spend a life just on a single track, where everything is well settled? it’s not possible. Because we are not the machines, that everything is set. We are living, and we need turbulence as well to understand the importance of serenity. This is the life of a living creature like us.

So, have an attitude to be on top of  struggles, and imagine the wide view from there, full of experiences and learning.


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Music – a social marketing tool

Music has been used as a social marketing tool probably since the beginning of human history. It has inspired devotion to every major religion, nurtured patriotism, encouraged revolution, spurred the labour movement.

Today we are facilitated by the technology in almost every aspect. And it is effectively used to attract audience in the world of marketing. Advertisers are spending millions on making their ad worthy of catching viewer’s / audience’s attention. If you’re busy preparing breakfast in kitchen, the background music of your favourite ad is rushing into your years, and you just get in front of the TV set. This is what the ad makers actually want, and it is again the power of music that is enough to drag you.

Radio is the medium of “voice”. Music has a lot to do here as well. You cannot imagine an ad jingle on radio without the background music.Why? Your ears are going to reject it?Probably yes because it is the melodious music that connects you to the message behind it, what otherwise your mind could not comprehend.

Music has tremendous power to unite people. The fastest way to deliver a message is to give it the form of lyrics and see how it goes viral over the internet ,with most hits. In pre digital age of time, there were a number of patriotic songs recorded to deliver their message of unity and strength, through music. Even today, a number of songs are composed worldwide ,based on social issues like “child labour”, and “women empowerment”. {………}

Music is used everywhere, even if you make a powerpoint presentation for your assignment at school, you require a suitable background music. why? Words were not enough? Perhaps not.With pleasant musical notes, people connect to the audio and visual more easily.

Music is such a powerful tool to influence people’s behaviour because it bypasses the intellect and speaks directly to the emotions. Many pieces of music still performed today began as, essentially, elements of social marketing. Martin Luther wrote “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God ” to spur the Protestant Reformation, while “We Shall Overcome” buoyed the spirits of black and white freedom workers and protesters in the darkest days of the Civil Rights Movement.

Music performance can also be an effective social marketing channel, even when the content of the music is not specific to the issue at hand. Benefit concerts, or concerts aimed explicitly at raising the profile of an issue or behaviour, can draw large crowds and spread a message simply by the participation of the performers.

Music can foster deeper communication among people without them understanding much of the other’s language. It is the easiest way to communicate with people. We go to the countries where we do not know a word of their language, and they do not know a word of our language. But when we play the music, it goes from your heart to someone else’s heart. They feel something that they actually recognize. You cannot put words there because they do not know what the words are, but they can feel. From that point you make the connection with another person.


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Blogging: an asset to online reputation

Blogging has emerged as one of the most popular activity to boost up your online business. It is a lucrative platform for mass communication where you can share, promote or even purchase ideas. Blogging initially began as a “digital diary”. But today it has become one of the most popular business, online. Websites need an audience traffic to promote their services. Blogging could be the best option. It is a two-way business where you can promote your services as well as have an open access to your target audience.

Maintaining a professional blog using a domain that includes the company brand name, is a good practice to earn a top ranking in online business. A business can improve its ranking and web traffic by developing a blog with quality content such as industry trends and recent issues. There is further opportunity to create a good impression for one’s own business  by contributing guest blog posts or articles, in particular for high-ranking online publications, , while simultaneously boosting online rankings through generating quality links back to the business.

Blogging provides you a plethora of assets to make your text or rather “idea” look more pleasing so as to attract the audience. Use of multimedia can help you earn credits to your blog. People are too busy to read your lengthy article, no matter how rich it is n words. If you blend your text with images, it could work a better way to grab readers. “A picture is worth thousand words,” rightly said. Inserting pictures to your blog does not mean any colorful and jazzy image, making no sense, but occupying space. Your picture should relate your motive what could be otherwise depicted through words. Image quality should be good. These days infographics are excessively used to make the best use of the white space. The best thing about infographics is that they can be used anywhere in the text body.

A moving picture can evoke a sleepy mind, more than the static display.

YouTube videos are free to link to, and you can even upload your own if you are up to the task of filming yourself. People love to connect with bloggers on a personal level, and a video is personal. Think of it like recording your Skype chats, and then sharing that with all your blog followers.

People complain about not getting so many likes for their blogs Blog writing is not about providing the news as it is to people. It is your analysis of any information and a comprehensive display of your thoughts. Do not use a formal writing pattern like that of an essay. You may use a  phrase, any conversation or even the social media tweets to enliven your text.

To earn a good ranking in blogging, you also have to make your blog SEO optimized. Make judicious use of keywords. Think from the audience perspective and accordingly select the keywords. To be an expert in this, you have to know more about your audience, their demands, and issues. The best way to excel in this is to read a lot of blogs.

Presentation of your work is most important aspect of image building. It adds to your branding. Do not opt for messy templates to confuse your audience. Select the theme according to your website. Ensure to use relevant widgets in your blog, and avoid too many ads. Use simple yet effective language to create an impact on readers. The blog should give a personal touch to the audience instead of providing any business report to them.

Unless you are participatory in activities, you can never earn followers. Writing the blog is not just enough to build an online image. You have to be active with other bloggers via comments, contests, likes and sharing. It is an interchangeable process of exchanging ideas.


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Journal your life events

We humans are generally in the habit of expecting more. Life is a melange of events of everyday life. We cannot sit back and remember each and everything of past. Today people have become so much obsessed with upgrading their living standards that the hardly get time to know what is that unique factor that has the potential to bring joy to their life. Or what is the USP of being happy in life. When we think about our lives, we generally expect that it’s the big events that will bring us the most joy. But at the same time we forget that life is made up of small events. So while a simple coffee date with an old friend or a night in cooking for your better half might not seem worth remembering, thinking back on these simple occurrences actually can bring us great pleasure later on.

Now the point is how to know which moment, on remembering it, can bring smile to your face. What if, you have a repository of past events? Definitely it will make your efforts smoother.

All you have to do is start with journal writing. It’s not a one day or one week task, that you finish it anyhow. Bring it to your routine life. Write just one sentence or two, if you are not given to writing. But make it a regular habit.  Some people find it difficult as they don’t understand what to write? The solution is, write anything coming to your mind, throughout the day or night. You can mention the task you completed with least efforts. Your writing can also include your attitude while responding effectively to situations coming at your end. For example, if you have been confident enough while giving a presentation at a business meeting, and post its end, you realize that you really did fantastic job, it’s worth mentioning in your journal writing. When a series of events will be recorded, and when you go through them after a long time, it will for sure bring a sort of excitement in your mood. Turning pages will take you to the turning points of your life.

You can journal about any aspect of your life including your work or nothing in particular and still reap rewards. Just make sure you keep your journal somewhere handy to make recording that short recollection of your day super-convenient, avoiding any excuse to skip days. With the aid of technology, it has become flexible to write journal your events in your smart devices. It hardly takes time to do that. While in a metro, waiting for the destination, you can journal your events. It’s the best way t o utilize time and maintain your thought process.


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