Blogging: an asset to online reputation

04 Apr

Blogging has emerged as one of the most popular activity to boost up your online business. It is a lucrative platform for mass communication where you can share, promote or even purchase ideas. Blogging initially began as a “digital diary”. But today it has become one of the most popular business, online. Websites need an audience traffic to promote their services. Blogging could be the best option. It is a two-way business where you can promote your services as well as have an open access to your target audience.

Maintaining a professional blog using a domain that includes the company brand name, is a good practice to earn a top ranking in online business. A business can improve its ranking and web traffic by developing a blog with quality content such as industry trends and recent issues. There is further opportunity to create a good impression for one’s own business  by contributing guest blog posts or articles, in particular for high-ranking online publications, , while simultaneously boosting online rankings through generating quality links back to the business.

Blogging provides you a plethora of assets to make your text or rather “idea” look more pleasing so as to attract the audience. Use of multimedia can help you earn credits to your blog. People are too busy to read your lengthy article, no matter how rich it is n words. If you blend your text with images, it could work a better way to grab readers. “A picture is worth thousand words,” rightly said. Inserting pictures to your blog does not mean any colorful and jazzy image, making no sense, but occupying space. Your picture should relate your motive what could be otherwise depicted through words. Image quality should be good. These days infographics are excessively used to make the best use of the white space. The best thing about infographics is that they can be used anywhere in the text body.

A moving picture can evoke a sleepy mind, more than the static display.

YouTube videos are free to link to, and you can even upload your own if you are up to the task of filming yourself. People love to connect with bloggers on a personal level, and a video is personal. Think of it like recording your Skype chats, and then sharing that with all your blog followers.

People complain about not getting so many likes for their blogs Blog writing is not about providing the news as it is to people. It is your analysis of any information and a comprehensive display of your thoughts. Do not use a formal writing pattern like that of an essay. You may use a  phrase, any conversation or even the social media tweets to enliven your text.

To earn a good ranking in blogging, you also have to make your blog SEO optimized. Make judicious use of keywords. Think from the audience perspective and accordingly select the keywords. To be an expert in this, you have to know more about your audience, their demands, and issues. The best way to excel in this is to read a lot of blogs.

Presentation of your work is most important aspect of image building. It adds to your branding. Do not opt for messy templates to confuse your audience. Select the theme according to your website. Ensure to use relevant widgets in your blog, and avoid too many ads. Use simple yet effective language to create an impact on readers. The blog should give a personal touch to the audience instead of providing any business report to them.

Unless you are participatory in activities, you can never earn followers. Writing the blog is not just enough to build an online image. You have to be active with other bloggers via comments, contests, likes and sharing. It is an interchangeable process of exchanging ideas.


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