Music – a social marketing tool

04 Apr

Music has been used as a social marketing tool probably since the beginning of human history. It has inspired devotion to every major religion, nurtured patriotism, encouraged revolution, spurred the labour movement.

Today we are facilitated by the technology in almost every aspect. And it is effectively used to attract audience in the world of marketing. Advertisers are spending millions on making their ad worthy of catching viewer’s / audience’s attention. If you’re busy preparing breakfast in kitchen, the background music of your favourite ad is rushing into your years, and you just get in front of the TV set. This is what the ad makers actually want, and it is again the power of music that is enough to drag you.

Radio is the medium of “voice”. Music has a lot to do here as well. You cannot imagine an ad jingle on radio without the background music.Why? Your ears are going to reject it?Probably yes because it is the melodious music that connects you to the message behind it, what otherwise your mind could not comprehend.

Music has tremendous power to unite people. The fastest way to deliver a message is to give it the form of lyrics and see how it goes viral over the internet ,with most hits. In pre digital age of time, there were a number of patriotic songs recorded to deliver their message of unity and strength, through music. Even today, a number of songs are composed worldwide ,based on social issues like “child labour”, and “women empowerment”. {………}

Music is used everywhere, even if you make a powerpoint presentation for your assignment at school, you require a suitable background music. why? Words were not enough? Perhaps not.With pleasant musical notes, people connect to the audio and visual more easily.

Music is such a powerful tool to influence people’s behaviour because it bypasses the intellect and speaks directly to the emotions. Many pieces of music still performed today began as, essentially, elements of social marketing. Martin Luther wrote “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God ” to spur the Protestant Reformation, while “We Shall Overcome” buoyed the spirits of black and white freedom workers and protesters in the darkest days of the Civil Rights Movement.

Music performance can also be an effective social marketing channel, even when the content of the music is not specific to the issue at hand. Benefit concerts, or concerts aimed explicitly at raising the profile of an issue or behaviour, can draw large crowds and spread a message simply by the participation of the performers.

Music can foster deeper communication among people without them understanding much of the other’s language. It is the easiest way to communicate with people. We go to the countries where we do not know a word of their language, and they do not know a word of our language. But when we play the music, it goes from your heart to someone else’s heart. They feel something that they actually recognize. You cannot put words there because they do not know what the words are, but they can feel. From that point you make the connection with another person.


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