When everything feels like an uphill, think of the view from the top….

04 Apr

When everything feels like an uphill struggle, and you start getting down your confidence, just give a second thought – think of the view from the top.

life is really gonna be a topsy-turvy in terms of circumstances, if we start following this simple thought. when you are overburdened with failures and negativity in life, don’t just keep glaring at the height of the challenges. Indeed think of the growth in your confidence level, when you will be on top of all these mounds of struggle. Take it positively.

Challenges knock the doors of those who are capable of knocking them down

Those who don’t dare to get into the river of difficulties, will never know what is simplified life. To know the other side of a thing, you need to know both the aspects. If there would have been no darkness in this world, people could not have known the essence of light.

Similar is the situation in life as well. You can better motivate yourself, in your own way only if you wish to. Can you spend a life just on a single track, where everything is well settled? it’s not possible. Because we are not the machines, that everything is set. We are living, and we need turbulence as well to understand the importance of serenity. This is the life of a living creature like us.

So, have an attitude to be on top of  struggles, and imagine the wide view from there, full of experiences and learning.


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