Let’s surprise them in a most natural way than ever

22 May

Flowers are the best means to capture special moments and emotions in life. The Mother Nature has blessed us with an endless treasure of the natural beauty and the fragrance. Well, many of us must be of the thought that these gentle parts of nature can serve only special occasions. Is it so? Not really. Let’s see how?

Beauty is always appreciated. A beautiful scenic beauty and the lovely tides and the shore can definitely give jolts to your imaginations beyond. Flowers could be the best mood setters for all age groups. Imagine of your mother who is upset with your late arrival last night. How wonderful it would be to present her a beautiful bouquet of roses. The fragrance of the fresh roses can blow away her anger in minutes. Similarly, think of the carpool mom, scout leader, local volunteer or apartment doorman who makes an everyday difference in your life. A surprise bouquet of evergreen orchids is the best and informal way to say “Thanks for making my life easier.” Feel the difference it makes in your surroundings. These lovely natural gifts can spread the seeds of love and emotion.

Surprise gifts are always awaited by your friends, family and all those who are close to you. Even you must have been longing for the same. How about surprising people with wonderful floral gifts? It is not just the bigger ones who mean a lot in your life. They can include your father, mother, siblings, colleagues, teachers and friends. But there are yet a big crowd of people of have been serving in some ways or the other in your life. These special ones may be your hair-dresser who has been regularly giving special cuts to your hair and making you look smarter. Have you ever done anything other than paying bucks? If not then present a small bunch of lavenders to him or her and say that you are simply grateful for his or her dedication. Feel the everlasting difference in the return behavior from the other side. These special people in your life could be many like your neighbors, milkman, your maids, hawker, driver  etc. just give a delightful moment to add colors to their life. Remember there is no reason needed to express gratitude, kindness and positivity. When you feel it is the right time you must go on.

Thus, the lovely flowers can make amazing applications perhaps more than on any android smartphone!


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