The adjustment with the invasions

22 May

The best way to get to know that you are happy is when your heart is willing to accept the changes around you. Everyone is accustomed to one’s own lifestyle and the environment. And it is painstaking for somebody to adjust when another person or thing intrudes in. Sharing your belongings with others or feeling not much agitated when your surroundings have undergone a sudden transformation, is a signal that you are changing.

I was a much-secluded person when it comes to my own life. I am a very thoughtful persona and love to solve my own mystery myself. Invasions are strictly prohibited in my life. Like, I don’t want to share my comb with anyone. I just don’t want to see my clothes hanging on some else’s body. And most of the times this has happened with me when I was staying at a paying guest accommodation. I used to tolerate initially for the first few rounds, but, unfortunately my mind gets blasted in later strokes.

I don’t say it is a good nature of mine, but it is equally not bad even. Because I have my own life and if I don’t want anyone to indulge into my affairs then definitely they should not.  There are people who don’t mind in such stuff. They are the gods of patience perhaps!

But there comes a time when you know that things are going beyond your appreciations, still you adore them.  When someone asks for my personal belongings, I don’t mind. Or even if I do a little, I love to tolerate. This is the power of attraction perhaps. If they ask me for a cup of tea, I readily would go for it but without feeling any headache. Why? Because we love to enjoy the company. We love all that mess which we hated at some point of time. This is called the adjustment. The love that keeps things at auto adjustment mode.


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