Give a knack to hurdles from your own experiences life teaches you

27 May

The best way to believe in someone is to let him or her believe in you. we keep on wasting out time in predicting if the person next to you is worth trusting. if you are going to do some favor for a person for the first time, you may not make him or her realize the difference. but if you do it the second time you may feel the difference. Maybe you don’t get the return favor in terms of his or her visible actions. but you will notice the changes in the attitude and behavior of that person.

It gives an intense feeling when you get the response from a person who never ever is expected to turn up for you. at the sane time it hurts a lot when you keep your expectations high with a person who ditches you in the last moment. Well, one should not be upset with such ups and downs in life. These incidences make you learn a lot from life and make you stronger. if you are in your early stages of your life you may not understand this fact. But, gradually you will come to know the advantage of learning from mistakes you committed knowingly or unknowingly.

I am passing each moment of my life with new experiences. And I feel proud when I am able to overcome the nuances through the learnings from my own experiences. every day i am growing up with increased confidence to give a knack to the hurdles coming my way.


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