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Learning of past can be carry forwarded to build a stronger future

Nothing is going to be with you for a longer time in a constant manner. life is a journey of changes and we have to adapt to it. There are good times and there are bad times or rather not that good times. But nothing is same forever.

Spending a good time in a relationship gives you some awesome moments which you would love to keep alive forever. But what if those memories start obstructing your way ahead to adapt to the changes? Certainly, those good time spent together sometimes ago will perish with the struggle of adapting to what life has offered today. It was always a good time in the past, but if it is not your present today, it should not be a roadblock for future as well. Every relationship gives you a learning into several aspects of day to day life. It is also a test of your emotional intelligence. So, why not to carry forward that learning and make a stronger foundation for a new phase of life. Instead of forcing yourself to perish those good times, its better to carry forward and move towards improvisation.

People often loose a larger portion of their life in deciding what is good and bad, whether it should be done or not. Even then, life has much to offer. Doing things which gives us happiness even for a while is far better than repenting later on for things you did which you were not willing to.


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Scope of a content Writer – Part -1

Varied forms of a content Writer

Writing is an active state of mind when a person makes a coherent coordination of his body, mind and soul to present the inner conflict or sublimation of ideas, thoughts and aspirations on a piece of paper or a digital device.

Writers have been there since ages and it is no denying fact that one who can visualise things from a perspective different from others can be a good writer and a presenter. A long time ago, there were simply a few of the forms of writers like an author, a publisher, a proof reader or an editor, and eventually a journalist. The forms were limited, but the stream was strong enough to mould the things.

As the technology transcends, we can see a large number of forms a writer can pursue today. Looking from a digital perspective a writer can be employed as a digital content writer today. The term digital content writing is a vast arena per se. One can write for websites, for blogs, for press releases, articles, newsletters, handouts, whitepapers, advertising, banners & posters, social media posts, online books, tutorials, video captions, image captions, info graphics, newspapers (both offline and online versions), columns for magazines and newspapers, radio scripts, radio plays, radio commercials story boarding, script writing for TV, Films and commercials and much more.

Now if we talk about writing for a website then again one has enough scope like one can devote one’s content for e-commerce websites, educational websites, fashion, news websites, business websites etc. The list is vast. One can specialise in one or two or many categories to make through.

Every field requires a specific flair for writing but not to forget the common thing is that you need passion, consistency, flawlessness in your language and thoughts as well, fact based writing, purity of ideas, and of course a habit to adapt to the changing trend of the time. You can stick to just one style of writing if you want to emerge as a rising star. You must be careful while using the catchy words, jargons (if necessary), craziness in alluring the vague minds. For example, the public always needs something new and spicy to entertain and inspire their messed up minds and thoughts.

Before writing you should know and perceive who will be your readers. They may be some lovers of writing pieces, some who can adapt to any type of writing, some who are coerced to read (like students), some entrepreneurs, some who wish to become a writer like you. So, as a writer you have to think in a way as your readers would love to come closer to you.

So hold your pen or press your keys and start mending your thoughts to give a fresh new form to a content writer inside you.

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A matter of perspective to think beyond what we are doing

A lovely weather, the cool breeze, the scintillating drizzles of rain and the lush green natural grass… all sum to give you a fantastic feeling. It’s a wow feeling. what we say? lets go out for a walk, let’s go out for a coffee, give a break to office etc. Such an amazing and mood swinging is the impact of nature that you undergo a drastic transformation within seconds. We all better know that there is no alternative for a beautiful nature which is gifted to us. it is the best ointment to heal our hectic lives which is being crippled every day.

But, why we do not care for this lovely source of happiness? we are continuously destroying it by our disastrous activities. throwing garbage on the roadsides, automobile exhausts, indiscriminate use of natural resources, invention of harmful chemicals and products manufactured out of them and a reckless attitude towards conservation of the natural life on earth. we are so much engrossed into our day to day stuff that we are ignoring the real happiness and its natural source. this is the major reason for several horrifying situation on this lovely planet. no one would dare to imagine the planet where there is no cool breeze, beautiful flora and fauna still we are not in a mood to change our attitude.

A serene environment is enough to change your unhappy mood and it directly impacts your relationships with people around you. so many of your problems would be solved and your time would be saved. instead os spending your precious time and money on conspiracies and selfishness, one should try to get in touch with the nature.

I wish there could be some whats app or facebook like apps with the almighty so that he could ping us that how he feels over our stupid acts. How it would feel if the beautiful tree says thanks when someone waters it. It’s just the matter of perspective. As human beings, we must try to think differently to make nature feel proud that yes we are the supreme creation of this planet.

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life has no age

LIFE has no age….

You are a juvenile person from within at every stage of your life.

It is the thoughts that make you young, and mature at times.

Experiences come like a guest in our life…. UNEXPECTED !!!

But it is that very moment which makes you learn so many things.

And not only learn…. it makes you realize where you stand.

Many people start planning from the day one….. an endless list of tasks ….. to be performed. Then they become conscious if it is not fulfilled…. again so much of PRESSURE !!!!!

The traffic of events in our life goes on. But why to give a halt to your thoughts at every stoppage? It should flow like a river. And it is never too late to give a kick to your thoughts….. to bring your imagination to the floor.

Whether you are in your 20s…. 30s….. 40s…… who cares?

At least your mind is not going to ask you about your age. You can think beyond …. there isn’t any limit. Actually it keeps you younger and refreshing. And there is no time limit as such to be crazy… funny… more of participatory… juvenile….. and naughty as well.

Is there an age to set forth to taste a yummy ice cream???

To play your favourite indoor games???

To ride a bicycle …. even if you own a car???

To wear contrasting clothes…. ???

To make funny faces … roll your tongue…. ???

Or even to join a date over a coffee???

Time and life …. are never going to come and ask you for a license to show your age card (just like any credit card, identity card) and then get approved for any such tasks or rather to live your life in the absence of compromises. You are lucky enough for a free journey here !!!

So why to wait … and what to wait for…???

Life has no age….

Indeed it cherishes you till the ages.



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This world is a rounded one …. a circular one, where one has no where to go and still keeps on revolving around. It is great to see how things are related in our life. It just requires a keen eye and a peculiar observation. I was just staring my wall clock, persistently , and all of a sudden an idea twisted into the grooves and the ridges of my brain. That why is the clock system made this way… i mean the two hands of the clock revolve around in a circular pathway. They start from a point and reach that same place. This goes on and on… .. and this entire world is just dependent on this circular movement of the two hands.

Life is just the same… a circular movement. What we do in one half … we receive at another half. We all have to keep moving … our starting point becomes our destination in a complete round and then once again the journey begins. The life just goes on….. no matter at what number you started… you will come to it once again…. a lot of things depend upon the pace with which you start your journey, but you have to follow the course that is mandatory.

There is an equal distribution of happiness and sadness  in life… its just that we count only sadness…. and start cursing our destiny.

These one to twelve numbers are the gist of life…. what has to be done it will be done ….. just like the hands of clock have to bypass every number…. the only thing that can be done is that one can slow down or fasten the movement of the hands…. but cannot change the pathway.

Now …. waiting for hours is another interesting thing….. this is perhaps a familiar phrase for all of us.

We deliberately wait for hours … for so many things … and most difficult is the situation when you don’t know the time limit… you keep guessing about it……

We wait for bus, trains, flights, college , office hours…. for friends, for jobs or any other offerings…..

Apart from this we also wait for others’ responses….. and sometimes we wait for ourselves as well. This is just to test our potential… that how much can we tolerate the delay by others.

There are moments in life when we love to wait for an endless time…. though we actually become impatient. We keep watching the two hands of the clock …. wait for our turn. Sometimes waiting for things is just the favorite time pass. We love to wait than to wipe it off. We cannot call it a waste of time…. though it actually is at times. Because there are certain things which cannot be replaced with their alternatives. We feel privilege to wait for them…. just like a blind guess. And this capability is with humans only. They know when to wait and when to move on depending on their will , influenced by the circumstances.

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The real controller of humans…is the virtual world.

These days the supreme controller of the human being is no one else but the technology.

In today’s time if one is so much attached to anything then it is his or her virtual possessions. Or you may say that those possessions can be his mobile phone ,tablet, laptop, i-pad, computer, smart watch, and Google glass.

And at the same time if the human is afraid of anything then again it’s the same virtual possessions. For example today one is not afraid of losing, gold and silver, or property that much but loosing “Facebook password” or “g-mail account” , failing to update his tweets, etc….. it sounds funny but it is perhaps true.

The virtual world is everything to us. We ourselves have moved to it. Today if one has a time to spare ,after spending exhausting hours at his workplace, he wishes to relax and log into to his Facebook account, whats app, twitter, we chat etc to check the notifications. One important thing to notice is that people remember to log out of the professional sites, even the e-mail account, but they do not wish to log out of their social sites. Strange !!! but true. Youngsters are so much concerned about their privacy today that they fight with their parents for a separate room. Why??? It’s not just that they have to continue with their friends on phone call for hours, speaking aloud. But to enter the virtual world. Today even the couples don’t want to talk for so long on mobiles , instead they want to hangout on so many options like Whats app, Google+, Facebook messenger and so many others.

One can forget to wish “good morning” to their teachers or parents but never forget to write on wall of the facebook to wish their friends. Time has come to this happening also that today the employees drop a message of good morning to their bosses. Just to leave an impact that how much punctual they are, no matter via virtual world.

It’s funny that one can sleep without a pillow but not without their mobile sets under their pillow.

If parents ask their children as to what they want as a present for their birthday …they immediately say a smart phone or a tablet, instead of any other gifts.

Even the elders are not behind in showing their eagerness towards adapting to this virtual world. They might not replace their clothes, shoes, or carry bags etc but they can’t resist themselves from replacing their smart phones with the latest versions. This is the transformation.

Now it is important for us to consider that how we are actually utilizing our time in this virtual world. Because time gone cannot be reverted in real life.

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Time passes on so quickly. If we look around we can see and perceive that how time has changed everything. What was once the need of the time today has been replaced by its advanced model. This is the era of technology that has encapsulated us all. I was just cleaning my store room one day, and was amazed to find something before my eyes, and it was nothing new and unique but an old piece of telephone set.

Remember ? those big and heavy boxes which had a mouthpiece for answering and receiving calls. I just cleaned it up and carried away with me to my room. For few seconds i was just staring at its every part as if i was looking at it for the first time.

Well i just want to say that gone are the days when talking to someone over a telephone was not that easy as it is today with our smart phones. I remember there was just one phone set in my house. And it was a craze at that times to call someone even without the necessity. And wait for hours so that it rings.

It was not possible to maintain the utmost privacy in those times, because it was not a mobile device. But there are many interesting experiences of those days with the landline sets.

When so many people are sitting in the living room, almost your complete family,busy gossiping, and at time when you are anxious about the phone call.

We could not anticipate ,this was the biggest drawback in those days. So as soon as the phone rings…..every body turns around to receive it. And you feel to run to it quickly so that no one else should receive it….this was funny!!!

And when you attend a call in rush, you are a bit perplexed. And you don’t get word to speak out. Amazing were those days ,when one had to talk to his /her friend,and every body was staring at the phone,so curious to lknow what was going on. And weused to repeat the same words like “ yeah everything is fine here…..i m good, i have done my work…..fine will do that……” and so many such common phrases.

Perhaps this was the only time for many of us to talk to a friend(may be a girlfriend/boyfriend) about studies and all, but unwillingly, because everyone else in the surroundings was keeping an ear and eye at us.

Another interesting part was when there were several blank calls given through these sets. And these calls are attended by our elders. It was the most difficult situation, when our expressions did wonders. At such situations we felt most of the times “ why is it ringing now only?” remember there was not a vibrator mode at that times. Thank god for the technological advances !!!

We also could not change our numbers in those days to get rid of those unwanted calls. How tedious was life I wonder.

Then i took out my mobile phone in my hand and kissed it deliberately and thanked to technology . My words were “ who discovered this mobile device,,,,, thanks to him/her” .

Today life is entirely different as we all know. Privacy is maintained and we are just used to it. I am sure nobody will like to go back to that era of landline telephone, in today’s life. Just IMPOSSIBLE !!!!

So this is the changing time……which has brought so many rigorous transformations in our daily life that we have become accustomed to it, we don’t want to go back. One has to change with the changing times…..!!!

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