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Keep your heart soaked in Dettol to avoid from the infliction of LOVE of today!


What an inflicting society is around us today! Millions are suffering from Epidemics, thousands from diabetes and a lot form curable diseases. besides, there are also countless people who are suffering form the alien terminology or i should say something really devastating for the present generation.

Students, professionals, housewives, rickshaw pullers, hawkers, your driver, chef, house maid and every one around you is suffering from the most inflicting “WHATS APP”, “FACEBOOK”, “TWEETING”.  the time has either blessed them with these automotive products to enhance their otherwise lethargic minds or i should say has engraved a pit of numbness.

And the interesting fact is that people are enjoying the incurable diseases and they are reluctant to get a cure for it.

Well, the situation is yet alarming when I find another gorgeously killer disease or a turbulent tide, “LOVE”.

Yes, to simulate with facts, it is an incurable disease which you can find in many varieties.It also has several alias terms like “Girl friendship”, “boy friendship”, “affection”, “love at first sight”, “one night fall”, “truly -madly love” and yet more awaited in the list. Every generation is busy finding ways to get infected with this disease.

but as we know every disease takes away from us a lot of things, this so called epidemic snatches away your bucks, your average rate of smile, focus, aroma of pizza like life. what it gives is only one thing ” that it make s you really active”. 

There is a recommendation for all those who are endangered with this epidemic, “keep your heart soaked in Dettol, as love is the most infectious disease”epidemic,


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“Someone Special”

It takes very long to get closer to someone and it really takes longest time to realize that …yes you are close to someone.

We keep in touch with that someone special….but couldn’t recognize him/her for a long time.And it usually happens that we run after another person who perhaps is not concerned with us….but feel some sort of pleasure in running after that character.

And the one who is always around us…. sometimes your colleague, sometimes your childhood friend, sometimes your neighborhood friend,…. ;he/she may be your companion in a train,auto,flight…etc ………..but we don’t give a thought to it…..because we always dream of some one special……………….and in search of that someone special we forget the ones who have always been our someone special,,,,,who take care of our small and peculiar things,who advise us whenever we are torn apart in bad times,,who fight with us when we go wrong way and don’t listen to them, when they tell us to take medicine on time,when they recite a common phrase…”it will be alright don’t worry, i am with you buddy”, when they are with us when even we are not with ourselves……

But still we don’t ever realize that how special they are in our life…..though we don’t dream of them….our dreamland is incomplete without them.

So start recognizing your near and dear ones who need your smile …your support and ofcourse your affection instead of running after an unknown and quite unreachable someone special.

Life is the most unpredictable thing ….you have endless tasks to do and time is not your boyfriend or girlfriend that is going to wait for you and you can change whenever you feel like. Just be what you are and and feel what you are to be the someone special first of all for yourselves.

“The heart which you love ,may not know your love; but

the heart which loves you, dose not knows anything other than you “


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