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Rotational shifts…just to keep you awake

It took quite a long time to understand what is going around. Was it destined? I have no clue.But how many times?

We often create a set mindset within ourselves that now “we know what we want and what we have to do”. Well, it is called attaining maturity, deep diving of self wisdom and many more such huge words could be incorporated into it. When we know everything, then why we do not accept the facts when they are before us.

You gradually start knowing people around you, and then you think “should i like him/her”. But we merely know when we have already started liking him / her. Then you start trying to take the lead like managing things cordially, start rejuvenating your aspirations, care for others. Even when there is paucity of time to accomplish office and home tasks which are a never ending list, you find enough time to do things for someone who has hardly asked for or has set out any expectation from you. Now, this is truly and madly a soaked in love scenario. Is it really a love ? So sure about what all your sense organs say and the entire body is depicting?

Now, when it comes to some good to great situation, suddenly a climax comes. Just a small incidence was enough to have an in-depth know how about …. yourself. He or she does not trust you. And what made you realize this? Just a small incidence. Well, when you were totally engrossed into him / her, there were immense of incidences across, but were they not adequate to give you this acknowledgement which you have today? There is no answer for this i guess.

What next ? Stop thinking about him/her. Divert yourself. Do what ever you feel like what you have aspired for? Not again….

Such situations keep coming like rotation shift in our life, and whether we learn something form them or not, we get our self entertainment mode on for sometime. And believe it or not, we say that when you are in someone’s good company, your life’s meaning is changed and you are highly motivated. But actually we do nothing fruitful during that period except investing time in non-profit activities. Rather, when we come out of it, we get super duper charged up to do our tasks and we achieve results just like anything. So from where does this motivation comes? the credit goes to that someone or you are the one?

I don’t know for how long this self motivation is going to work for me, until the next distraction is on my way to life.


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The end to everything lies in the beginning and vice versa

All those spent by now has been the ages

All that would be spent with you…will be life !

The end to everything is here at the beginning

and the beginning lies at the verge of the end

Times have been great, they would always be

Actions have to be miraculous, and they can be

Walking alongside the deadly roads of expectations;

You will end up with the dead end, nowhere to go.

Progress your steps to devote your life for the welfare of humanity

Perhaps you will end up with a new beginning at your doorstep!


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Give a knack to hurdles from your own experiences life teaches you

The best way to believe in someone is to let him or her believe in you. we keep on wasting out time in predicting if the person next to you is worth trusting. if you are going to do some favor for a person for the first time, you may not make him or her realize the difference. but if you do it the second time you may feel the difference. Maybe you don’t get the return favor in terms of his or her visible actions. but you will notice the changes in the attitude and behavior of that person.

It gives an intense feeling when you get the response from a person who never ever is expected to turn up for you. at the sane time it hurts a lot when you keep your expectations high with a person who ditches you in the last moment. Well, one should not be upset with such ups and downs in life. These incidences make you learn a lot from life and make you stronger. if you are in your early stages of your life you may not understand this fact. But, gradually you will come to know the advantage of learning from mistakes you committed knowingly or unknowingly.

I am passing each moment of my life with new experiences. And I feel proud when I am able to overcome the nuances through the learnings from my own experiences. every day i am growing up with increased confidence to give a knack to the hurdles coming my way.


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The doors of the heart are opened from inside

An artist was asked by his customer to draw a beautiful painting of a heart with a door. The customer seemed to be fascinated by something and he waited anxiously for the painting to be completed. The artist was a compassionate person like any other creative person. He began with his work. He used a variety of lovely colours to put life to his painting. His wrist was flexible enough with the brush in his hand. After sometime, the painting was ready. It was just a masterpiece of the artist’s hard work and passion. The customer gave a thirsty look to the painting, as if it was next to life to him. After going through it from top to bottom, his eyebrows contracted a little, and then he turned towards the painter, who was waiting eagerly for the appreciation. The customer said “ where is the handle of this door? Have you forgotten to draw that?”

These two questions one after the other came like hammering to the artist’s expectations. But artist stayed calm and patient and politely replied to the customer’s query.

“the doors of the heart are opened from inside, and never outside, so there was no need of the handle sir” ….said the artist.

Similarly it is implemented in our life, we should understand this fact that we can’t force anyone to let us live in one’s heart. Relationships are made by the sharing of two people’s emotions and not by intruding in someone’s life, just for one’s ego or any other motive.Let the door of the heart be opened by itself.


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