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Keep your heart soaked in Dettol to avoid from the infliction of LOVE of today!


What an inflicting society is around us today! Millions are suffering from Epidemics, thousands from diabetes and a lot form curable diseases. besides, there are also countless people who are suffering form the alien terminology or i should say something really devastating for the present generation.

Students, professionals, housewives, rickshaw pullers, hawkers, your driver, chef, house maid and every one around you is suffering from the most inflicting “WHATS APP”, “FACEBOOK”, “TWEETING”.  the time has either blessed them with these automotive products to enhance their otherwise lethargic minds or i should say has engraved a pit of numbness.

And the interesting fact is that people are enjoying the incurable diseases and they are reluctant to get a cure for it.

Well, the situation is yet alarming when I find another gorgeously killer disease or a turbulent tide, “LOVE”.

Yes, to simulate with facts, it is an incurable disease which you can find in many varieties.It also has several alias terms like “Girl friendship”, “boy friendship”, “affection”, “love at first sight”, “one night fall”, “truly -madly love” and yet more awaited in the list. Every generation is busy finding ways to get infected with this disease.

but as we know every disease takes away from us a lot of things, this so called epidemic snatches away your bucks, your average rate of smile, focus, aroma of pizza like life. what it gives is only one thing ” that it make s you really active”. 

There is a recommendation for all those who are endangered with this epidemic, “keep your heart soaked in Dettol, as love is the most infectious disease”epidemic,


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A date with life around you….

When you don’t know what is best for you, just be the best for this world.

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Why is it so that we are good only for a few people? We show courtesy to only a section of people. We show our helping hand, our utmost feelings only to someone special only. It simply reflects that we have trained our mind to act nicely only to specific class of people. And actually we are not nice from our soul. Because when the world is in front of us, with its worries and challenges, we show our back to it, saying “it’s not my business”. Youth is the most outrageous blood on earth. This class of population could do wonders with its enthusiasm. But they are busy dating their girlfriends or boyfriends, or spending endless hours on smoking, drinking, hanging out with friends and getting virtual (these days). Although this youth can be humane towards this challenging earth, that could transform this wretched place into a beautiful island.

If a boy has a girl friend, and she asks for his help may be in the form of money or protection, the boy is willing to provide. But if the same goes with an old lady or a gentleman, the boy has no time to even listen to their problems. These days we can hear a number of shameless people who even don’t have time for their own parents.

Anyways, it’s not about one’s parents or kith and kin, but the homo-sapiens, as a whole. We can show our gratitude to this society as well. Buying a number of toys for your own kid is nothing much for a rich parent. But buying a single toy, even once in a year, for a poor child, is much more than we can think of. It just requires a heart that can feel other’s feelings.

Everyone thinks of his own family, own, possessions, but never beyond the relations. Why not to think for the nature as well? The street animals, the natural grass, pure river bodies, and the beautiful birds, these are also the ones who need our love and care. But when are we going to have time to think about them, except in books of environmental science? Who has the time to spend with them, have relationship with them, and get into action to do something for life around us? Let’s just make a bookmark in our memory to go on date with such valuable gifts.


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