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Life is what you do and not what you think of doing

There is a writer inside every persona.

There is a poet inside every being.

There is juvenility in every thought.

There is tranquility in every imagination.

There can be innovation in every desire.

There lies tomorrow after every today.

There is the achievement in every effort.

There could be failure in painless work.

There is commitment in every motivation.

There is fullness in the empty glass

There is emptiness in the full world.

Then what is there which is not there?

It is the you who is missing to make an impact.

It is the you who could turn the tables around.

It is the you who can break the knobs.

It is you who is everything you need to know.

Times are boundless and yet ageless.

What you can do lies in what you have done.

What you will do, will decide what others cannot.

Make your step, follow them, travel the roads,

Explore the objectives, perceive the gains.

Life is after all no pains and no gains!


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Just enjoy the best journey of your life without participating in the game of right and wrong

Hi…. Last night got a serious encounter with two of my soul mates. One was my heart and the other one pulling was none other than my brain. I don’t invite them together but still they appeared simultaneously last night. When you are living a wrecked life people sympathize you for a while with the sole aim of knowing what was actually going on in your life. They hardly take any interest in finding out solutions or to lend a helping hand to you. Why? Because perhaps they are the busiest on this planet or they are robbed off all the material possessions with which they could help you. But they have those extra minutes in their watches to keep trying hard to extract information from you with their crocodile tears and smile suited to the situation. These are the people actually who make your life the real misery. And why we give them the importance as if they are the President.

Well, there are several reasons to this. For some it is very difficult to cope with the loneliness even for a moment. There are people who live not for themselves but for such useless section of the society. Others find themselves helpless because they don’t get the relevant support from their family or friends. And there are some who feel as if they have been the neglected part of the nature. But why to sacrifice for anyone?

And when there is a sudden spark in your life with a handful of people in and around your life, you feel the change in yourself. You want to live the moments. But your well-wishers don’t want to let you cheer up. They always find mistakes, wrongs in everything which makes you happy. And you try to set back. This is because they don’t want you to enjoy the moments which they hardly could. Had they ever understood the fact that happiness shared is happiness doubled.

So when you feel the trigger in your life you heart and mind goes along simultaneously. They keep disturbing you “do this” “don’t do this”. And you are entangled into it. But are those moments and people going to wait for you? Never. Don’t let the beautiful time pass away without slightly noticing you. You can live the life. Just if you feel the change positive embrace it. When someone is willing to handshake with your cheeks to bring that curve of smile at your face why are you interrupting? Lucky are the ones who get a chance to smile for with someone else’s efforts. You don’t have to spend your time thinking what is right or wrong. If you feel good and believe that you have not hurt anyone then you are on the best journey of your life. Just take a ride.


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it can happen anywhere anytime with anyone…..

How contented it feels when you get something just by the luck or the wish of the deciding jury up in the heaven. It is like you never had a wish for and you never wanted to have it.. but you are getting closer to it eventually. There are certain interconnecting points in life when you don’t understand why is It happening or how come it is happening. But you just welcome it. or even if you don’t what else you are left out with? What is wrong and what is right no one knows. It’s just that do not dare to act in ways as to dig holes for others. Never give a disparaging jerk to anyone’s heart. Rest you are the master of your thoughts. Don’t stop at every station and decide what the world would say. Just give a damn to your bubbling ideas. What could happen? May be, you don’t get what you want. So what you could at least enjoyed the process through it.

It takes ages to know someone deeply, correctly and exactly. Do you think so? You can never know what the human mind might think and respond at. Then why we spend so much of energy in guessing the people and their attitudes? Why not to stick a beautiful smile at our face, keep your heart humble, shine in your eyes and pleasing ears. No one is going to produce a lion’s roar at the first meeting unless you give them the reason to. Then why to think for their attitude and why not manipulate your own attitude and behavior?

It can make paralyzed man alive if you put on a beautiful smile on your face and lend a helping hand and the most generous heart to let people share their feelings with you. Spend quality time and see the world will be your friend. There are people who are good enough at finding the smile on angry face as well. You can love to anyone anytime anywhere.


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The end to everything lies in the beginning and vice versa

All those spent by now has been the ages

All that would be spent with you…will be life !

The end to everything is here at the beginning

and the beginning lies at the verge of the end

Times have been great, they would always be

Actions have to be miraculous, and they can be

Walking alongside the deadly roads of expectations;

You will end up with the dead end, nowhere to go.

Progress your steps to devote your life for the welfare of humanity

Perhaps you will end up with a new beginning at your doorstep!


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Give a knack to hurdles from your own experiences life teaches you

The best way to believe in someone is to let him or her believe in you. we keep on wasting out time in predicting if the person next to you is worth trusting. if you are going to do some favor for a person for the first time, you may not make him or her realize the difference. but if you do it the second time you may feel the difference. Maybe you don’t get the return favor in terms of his or her visible actions. but you will notice the changes in the attitude and behavior of that person.

It gives an intense feeling when you get the response from a person who never ever is expected to turn up for you. at the sane time it hurts a lot when you keep your expectations high with a person who ditches you in the last moment. Well, one should not be upset with such ups and downs in life. These incidences make you learn a lot from life and make you stronger. if you are in your early stages of your life you may not understand this fact. But, gradually you will come to know the advantage of learning from mistakes you committed knowingly or unknowingly.

I am passing each moment of my life with new experiences. And I feel proud when I am able to overcome the nuances through the learnings from my own experiences. every day i am growing up with increased confidence to give a knack to the hurdles coming my way.


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The adjustment with the invasions

The best way to get to know that you are happy is when your heart is willing to accept the changes around you. Everyone is accustomed to one’s own lifestyle and the environment. And it is painstaking for somebody to adjust when another person or thing intrudes in. Sharing your belongings with others or feeling not much agitated when your surroundings have undergone a sudden transformation, is a signal that you are changing.

I was a much-secluded person when it comes to my own life. I am a very thoughtful persona and love to solve my own mystery myself. Invasions are strictly prohibited in my life. Like, I don’t want to share my comb with anyone. I just don’t want to see my clothes hanging on some else’s body. And most of the times this has happened with me when I was staying at a paying guest accommodation. I used to tolerate initially for the first few rounds, but, unfortunately my mind gets blasted in later strokes.

I don’t say it is a good nature of mine, but it is equally not bad even. Because I have my own life and if I don’t want anyone to indulge into my affairs then definitely they should not.  There are people who don’t mind in such stuff. They are the gods of patience perhaps!

But there comes a time when you know that things are going beyond your appreciations, still you adore them.  When someone asks for my personal belongings, I don’t mind. Or even if I do a little, I love to tolerate. This is the power of attraction perhaps. If they ask me for a cup of tea, I readily would go for it but without feeling any headache. Why? Because we love to enjoy the company. We love all that mess which we hated at some point of time. This is called the adjustment. The love that keeps things at auto adjustment mode.


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When everything feels like an uphill, think of the view from the top….

When everything feels like an uphill struggle, and you start getting down your confidence, just give a second thought – think of the view from the top.

life is really gonna be a topsy-turvy in terms of circumstances, if we start following this simple thought. when you are overburdened with failures and negativity in life, don’t just keep glaring at the height of the challenges. Indeed think of the growth in your confidence level, when you will be on top of all these mounds of struggle. Take it positively.

Challenges knock the doors of those who are capable of knocking them down

Those who don’t dare to get into the river of difficulties, will never know what is simplified life. To know the other side of a thing, you need to know both the aspects. If there would have been no darkness in this world, people could not have known the essence of light.

Similar is the situation in life as well. You can better motivate yourself, in your own way only if you wish to. Can you spend a life just on a single track, where everything is well settled? it’s not possible. Because we are not the machines, that everything is set. We are living, and we need turbulence as well to understand the importance of serenity. This is the life of a living creature like us.

So, have an attitude to be on top of  struggles, and imagine the wide view from there, full of experiences and learning.


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