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Rotational shifts…just to keep you awake

It took quite a long time to understand what is going around. Was it destined? I have no clue.But how many times?

We often create a set mindset within ourselves that now “we know what we want and what we have to do”. Well, it is called attaining maturity, deep diving of self wisdom and many more such huge words could be incorporated into it. When we know everything, then why we do not accept the facts when they are before us.

You gradually start knowing people around you, and then you think “should i like him/her”. But we merely know when we have already started liking him / her. Then you start trying to take the lead like managing things cordially, start rejuvenating your aspirations, care for others. Even when there is paucity of time to accomplish office and home tasks which are a never ending list, you find enough time to do things for someone who has hardly asked for or has set out any expectation from you. Now, this is truly and madly a soaked in love scenario. Is it really a love ? So sure about what all your sense organs say and the entire body is depicting?

Now, when it comes to some good to great situation, suddenly a climax comes. Just a small incidence was enough to have an in-depth know how about …. yourself. He or she does not trust you. And what made you realize this? Just a small incidence. Well, when you were totally engrossed into him / her, there were immense of incidences across, but were they not adequate to give you this acknowledgement which you have today? There is no answer for this i guess.

What next ? Stop thinking about him/her. Divert yourself. Do what ever you feel like what you have aspired for? Not again….

Such situations keep coming like rotation shift in our life, and whether we learn something form them or not, we get our self entertainment mode on for sometime. And believe it or not, we say that when you are in someone’s good company, your life’s meaning is changed and you are highly motivated. But actually we do nothing fruitful during that period except investing time in non-profit activities. Rather, when we come out of it, we get super duper charged up to do our tasks and we achieve results just like anything. So from where does this motivation comes? the credit goes to that someone or you are the one?

I don’t know for how long this self motivation is going to work for me, until the next distraction is on my way to life.


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Keep your heart soaked in Dettol to avoid from the infliction of LOVE of today!


What an inflicting society is around us today! Millions are suffering from Epidemics, thousands from diabetes and a lot form curable diseases. besides, there are also countless people who are suffering form the alien terminology or i should say something really devastating for the present generation.

Students, professionals, housewives, rickshaw pullers, hawkers, your driver, chef, house maid and every one around you is suffering from the most inflicting “WHATS APP”, “FACEBOOK”, “TWEETING”.  the time has either blessed them with these automotive products to enhance their otherwise lethargic minds or i should say has engraved a pit of numbness.

And the interesting fact is that people are enjoying the incurable diseases and they are reluctant to get a cure for it.

Well, the situation is yet alarming when I find another gorgeously killer disease or a turbulent tide, “LOVE”.

Yes, to simulate with facts, it is an incurable disease which you can find in many varieties.It also has several alias terms like “Girl friendship”, “boy friendship”, “affection”, “love at first sight”, “one night fall”, “truly -madly love” and yet more awaited in the list. Every generation is busy finding ways to get infected with this disease.

but as we know every disease takes away from us a lot of things, this so called epidemic snatches away your bucks, your average rate of smile, focus, aroma of pizza like life. what it gives is only one thing ” that it make s you really active”. 

There is a recommendation for all those who are endangered with this epidemic, “keep your heart soaked in Dettol, as love is the most infectious disease”epidemic,


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it can happen anywhere anytime with anyone…..

How contented it feels when you get something just by the luck or the wish of the deciding jury up in the heaven. It is like you never had a wish for and you never wanted to have it.. but you are getting closer to it eventually. There are certain interconnecting points in life when you don’t understand why is It happening or how come it is happening. But you just welcome it. or even if you don’t what else you are left out with? What is wrong and what is right no one knows. It’s just that do not dare to act in ways as to dig holes for others. Never give a disparaging jerk to anyone’s heart. Rest you are the master of your thoughts. Don’t stop at every station and decide what the world would say. Just give a damn to your bubbling ideas. What could happen? May be, you don’t get what you want. So what you could at least enjoyed the process through it.

It takes ages to know someone deeply, correctly and exactly. Do you think so? You can never know what the human mind might think and respond at. Then why we spend so much of energy in guessing the people and their attitudes? Why not to stick a beautiful smile at our face, keep your heart humble, shine in your eyes and pleasing ears. No one is going to produce a lion’s roar at the first meeting unless you give them the reason to. Then why to think for their attitude and why not manipulate your own attitude and behavior?

It can make paralyzed man alive if you put on a beautiful smile on your face and lend a helping hand and the most generous heart to let people share their feelings with you. Spend quality time and see the world will be your friend. There are people who are good enough at finding the smile on angry face as well. You can love to anyone anytime anywhere.


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Let’s surprise them in a most natural way than ever

Flowers are the best means to capture special moments and emotions in life. The Mother Nature has blessed us with an endless treasure of the natural beauty and the fragrance. Well, many of us must be of the thought that these gentle parts of nature can serve only special occasions. Is it so? Not really. Let’s see how?

Beauty is always appreciated. A beautiful scenic beauty and the lovely tides and the shore can definitely give jolts to your imaginations beyond. Flowers could be the best mood setters for all age groups. Imagine of your mother who is upset with your late arrival last night. How wonderful it would be to present her a beautiful bouquet of roses. The fragrance of the fresh roses can blow away her anger in minutes. Similarly, think of the carpool mom, scout leader, local volunteer or apartment doorman who makes an everyday difference in your life. A surprise bouquet of evergreen orchids is the best and informal way to say “Thanks for making my life easier.” Feel the difference it makes in your surroundings. These lovely natural gifts can spread the seeds of love and emotion.

Surprise gifts are always awaited by your friends, family and all those who are close to you. Even you must have been longing for the same. How about surprising people with wonderful floral gifts? It is not just the bigger ones who mean a lot in your life. They can include your father, mother, siblings, colleagues, teachers and friends. But there are yet a big crowd of people of have been serving in some ways or the other in your life. These special ones may be your hair-dresser who has been regularly giving special cuts to your hair and making you look smarter. Have you ever done anything other than paying bucks? If not then present a small bunch of lavenders to him or her and say that you are simply grateful for his or her dedication. Feel the everlasting difference in the return behavior from the other side. These special people in your life could be many like your neighbors, milkman, your maids, hawker, driver  etc. just give a delightful moment to add colors to their life. Remember there is no reason needed to express gratitude, kindness and positivity. When you feel it is the right time you must go on.

Thus, the lovely flowers can make amazing applications perhaps more than on any android smartphone!


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I called him….

He rebuked me…..

I kept myself aloof from him…..deserted my path from him.

Time passed away….. there is the climax now

He messaged me “hi”

I was left in a dilemma, by then. I replied “hello”

Now was his turn.. He… so overwhelmed that he blocked me.

What then? It enraged me? No I was burst into laughter. Because I knew him.

A few days later was his day… his happy birthday.

He unblocked me.. hopefully waiting for my response.

And i checked if he had unblocked me. So stupid.

And still I refrained myself to text him.

This was quite weird to him. Not less than a surprise.

A few days later, he messaged me again. “what are you doing…. You upset? “

I had gone through that single line a several times and interpreted it in my own ways.

But I couldn’t text him. Because I was preoccupied with the thought that he wants to derogate me for sure. But my heart kept palpating .

He was on the other side, try to solve this puzzle. He warned all our common friends not to respond to my call. And I asked for the same favor from them as well.

The friends must have been laughing at our stupidity.

Now one is the east and other is the west…. Though we think the same, above the rest.

This is the true bonding…… we know each other well, even of the smallest acts. Still say blatantly “ you can never understand me”. LOVE IS IN THE AIR….


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Never love , like or hate someone , more than he /she deserves.

it is said that anything if goes in excess or is in deficiency, it may be injurious or rather worthless. similar is the situation when it comes to feelings and emotions. loving someone is altogether a different feeling which adds colors to our life. similarly when you hate so dislike someone you need a lot of efforts to prepare and control yourself. definitely its not an easy task. And it really is a regretful thing when you receive an unpleasant response from the people. then you realize that why the hell was i so much concerned about him/her? why the hell i wasted my precious time over hurting or degrading him/her. and even why the hell i ever made him / her my choice?

so its better be very quantitative, because its simply that every word counts !!!


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Love is never old or new…..for it cannot be bought or sold.

Who says love is done just for once……..?

 I feel it is done limitless and endless…….


                                                       When you share your heart with someone for the first time you are just like a nomadic because everything is quite new for you. And if unfortunately you lose it…..your life runs on a trajectory transitioning from smooth to a rough and tough path or it comes to a still. This is the case with most of the people specially the youngsters. But is it really a hardcore truth?

                                             I don’t find it exactly anywhere in my world of literature.  I think each and every person who by knowingly or unknowingly enters your life is special and holds a recognition. So you must welcome him/her with equivalent warmth, reverence and feelings. You cannot judge his/her presence in your life by the time at which he entered into your life. Because you haven’t offered any such opportunity

                                                                                        “who comes first will win”.

                                        Undoubtedly it’s true that no one can replace someone else’s place in somebody’s life… but it is also so true that every person holds a place in your heart in any of the aspects.

                                 If ever by the misfortune you lose someone who must have had held a superposition in your life, you always have those sweet memories. But life dose not stops there itself. Life also never shuts any door for you…it’s you who live in an illusion created by yourself. Just keep going and welcome the alterations life has come up with. Just remember one thing that this life is just like a plot of a play every single person whom you interact is a character of this play…..and as we all know every character whether small or big holds some importance. And each of them has a role to play which they do justice with and then leave the plot. But who will leave and who will stay till the end is not decided by us. We just have to let the play begin and continue because this is the truth of life.

                                    We should never say to someone “you are not like him/her” because he/she can never be like that and there is no need also to have the replicas. Change is always better so adjust with it.

    In second marriages it is the case most of the times that the one is not able to adjust because one has made oneself preoccupied with the thought that “no one can make me happy the way I used to be with him /her”. They have to come out of this illusion and broaden their vision to feel the presence of new entry in their life. It’s better to adjust with new companion than struggling with your old memories and doing injustice to those who are waiting for you.

Love is never old or new…..for it cannot be bought or sold.


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