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Just enjoy the best journey of your life without participating in the game of right and wrong

Hi…. Last night got a serious encounter with two of my soul mates. One was my heart and the other one pulling was none other than my brain. I don’t invite them together but still they appeared simultaneously last night. When you are living a wrecked life people sympathize you for a while with the sole aim of knowing what was actually going on in your life. They hardly take any interest in finding out solutions or to lend a helping hand to you. Why? Because perhaps they are the busiest on this planet or they are robbed off all the material possessions with which they could help you. But they have those extra minutes in their watches to keep trying hard to extract information from you with their crocodile tears and smile suited to the situation. These are the people actually who make your life the real misery. And why we give them the importance as if they are the President.

Well, there are several reasons to this. For some it is very difficult to cope with the loneliness even for a moment. There are people who live not for themselves but for such useless section of the society. Others find themselves helpless because they don’t get the relevant support from their family or friends. And there are some who feel as if they have been the neglected part of the nature. But why to sacrifice for anyone?

And when there is a sudden spark in your life with a handful of people in and around your life, you feel the change in yourself. You want to live the moments. But your well-wishers don’t want to let you cheer up. They always find mistakes, wrongs in everything which makes you happy. And you try to set back. This is because they don’t want you to enjoy the moments which they hardly could. Had they ever understood the fact that happiness shared is happiness doubled.

So when you feel the trigger in your life you heart and mind goes along simultaneously. They keep disturbing you “do this” “don’t do this”. And you are entangled into it. But are those moments and people going to wait for you? Never. Don’t let the beautiful time pass away without slightly noticing you. You can live the life. Just if you feel the change positive embrace it. When someone is willing to handshake with your cheeks to bring that curve of smile at your face why are you interrupting? Lucky are the ones who get a chance to smile for with someone else’s efforts. You don’t have to spend your time thinking what is right or wrong. If you feel good and believe that you have not hurt anyone then you are on the best journey of your life. Just take a ride.


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Journal your life events

We humans are generally in the habit of expecting more. Life is a melange of events of everyday life. We cannot sit back and remember each and everything of past. Today people have become so much obsessed with upgrading their living standards that the hardly get time to know what is that unique factor that has the potential to bring joy to their life. Or what is the USP of being happy in life. When we think about our lives, we generally expect that it’s the big events that will bring us the most joy. But at the same time we forget that life is made up of small events. So while a simple coffee date with an old friend or a night in cooking for your better half might not seem worth remembering, thinking back on these simple occurrences actually can bring us great pleasure later on.

Now the point is how to know which moment, on remembering it, can bring smile to your face. What if, you have a repository of past events? Definitely it will make your efforts smoother.

All you have to do is start with journal writing. It’s not a one day or one week task, that you finish it anyhow. Bring it to your routine life. Write just one sentence or two, if you are not given to writing. But make it a regular habit.  Some people find it difficult as they don’t understand what to write? The solution is, write anything coming to your mind, throughout the day or night. You can mention the task you completed with least efforts. Your writing can also include your attitude while responding effectively to situations coming at your end. For example, if you have been confident enough while giving a presentation at a business meeting, and post its end, you realize that you really did fantastic job, it’s worth mentioning in your journal writing. When a series of events will be recorded, and when you go through them after a long time, it will for sure bring a sort of excitement in your mood. Turning pages will take you to the turning points of your life.

You can journal about any aspect of your life including your work or nothing in particular and still reap rewards. Just make sure you keep your journal somewhere handy to make recording that short recollection of your day super-convenient, avoiding any excuse to skip days. With the aid of technology, it has become flexible to write journal your events in your smart devices. It hardly takes time to do that. While in a metro, waiting for the destination, you can journal your events. It’s the best way t o utilize time and maintain your thought process.


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