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Life is what you do and not what you think of doing

There is a writer inside every persona.

There is a poet inside every being.

There is juvenility in every thought.

There is tranquility in every imagination.

There can be innovation in every desire.

There lies tomorrow after every today.

There is the achievement in every effort.

There could be failure in painless work.

There is commitment in every motivation.

There is fullness in the empty glass

There is emptiness in the full world.

Then what is there which is not there?

It is the you who is missing to make an impact.

It is the you who could turn the tables around.

It is the you who can break the knobs.

It is you who is everything you need to know.

Times are boundless and yet ageless.

What you can do lies in what you have done.

What you will do, will decide what others cannot.

Make your step, follow them, travel the roads,

Explore the objectives, perceive the gains.

Life is after all no pains and no gains!


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