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Rotational shifts…just to keep you awake

It took quite a long time to understand what is going around. Was it destined? I have no clue.But how many times?

We often create a set mindset within ourselves that now “we know what we want and what we have to do”. Well, it is called attaining maturity, deep diving of self wisdom and many more such huge words could be incorporated into it. When we know everything, then why we do not accept the facts when they are before us.

You gradually start knowing people around you, and then you think “should i like him/her”. But we merely know when we have already started liking him / her. Then you start trying to take the lead like managing things cordially, start rejuvenating your aspirations, care for others. Even when there is paucity of time to accomplish office and home tasks which are a never ending list, you find enough time to do things for someone who has hardly asked for or has set out any expectation from you. Now, this is truly and madly a soaked in love scenario. Is it really a love ? So sure about what all your sense organs say and the entire body is depicting?

Now, when it comes to some good to great situation, suddenly a climax comes. Just a small incidence was enough to have an in-depth know how about …. yourself. He or she does not trust you. And what made you realize this? Just a small incidence. Well, when you were totally engrossed into him / her, there were immense of incidences across, but were they not adequate to give you this acknowledgement which you have today? There is no answer for this i guess.

What next ? Stop thinking about him/her. Divert yourself. Do what ever you feel like what you have aspired for? Not again….

Such situations keep coming like rotation shift in our life, and whether we learn something form them or not, we get our self entertainment mode on for sometime. And believe it or not, we say that when you are in someone’s good company, your life’s meaning is changed and you are highly motivated. But actually we do nothing fruitful during that period except investing time in non-profit activities. Rather, when we come out of it, we get super duper charged up to do our tasks and we achieve results just like anything. So from where does this motivation comes? the credit goes to that someone or you are the one?

I don’t know for how long this self motivation is going to work for me, until the next distraction is on my way to life.


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Journal your life events

We humans are generally in the habit of expecting more. Life is a melange of events of everyday life. We cannot sit back and remember each and everything of past. Today people have become so much obsessed with upgrading their living standards that the hardly get time to know what is that unique factor that has the potential to bring joy to their life. Or what is the USP of being happy in life. When we think about our lives, we generally expect that it’s the big events that will bring us the most joy. But at the same time we forget that life is made up of small events. So while a simple coffee date with an old friend or a night in cooking for your better half might not seem worth remembering, thinking back on these simple occurrences actually can bring us great pleasure later on.

Now the point is how to know which moment, on remembering it, can bring smile to your face. What if, you have a repository of past events? Definitely it will make your efforts smoother.

All you have to do is start with journal writing. It’s not a one day or one week task, that you finish it anyhow. Bring it to your routine life. Write just one sentence or two, if you are not given to writing. But make it a regular habit.  Some people find it difficult as they don’t understand what to write? The solution is, write anything coming to your mind, throughout the day or night. You can mention the task you completed with least efforts. Your writing can also include your attitude while responding effectively to situations coming at your end. For example, if you have been confident enough while giving a presentation at a business meeting, and post its end, you realize that you really did fantastic job, it’s worth mentioning in your journal writing. When a series of events will be recorded, and when you go through them after a long time, it will for sure bring a sort of excitement in your mood. Turning pages will take you to the turning points of your life.

You can journal about any aspect of your life including your work or nothing in particular and still reap rewards. Just make sure you keep your journal somewhere handy to make recording that short recollection of your day super-convenient, avoiding any excuse to skip days. With the aid of technology, it has become flexible to write journal your events in your smart devices. It hardly takes time to do that. While in a metro, waiting for the destination, you can journal your events. It’s the best way t o utilize time and maintain your thought process.


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Life is a busy darling these days……

Life is a busy darling these days……

You just can’t part with it, neither can you get a hold of it. Times have come to such a drastic transformation that one simply has become used to the variety in one’s life. You desire new belongings everyday…. Indeed you can’t afford to see the same dream again and again. Life is ephemeral??? Or your presence has become the ephemeral ,you are a little confused about it.

One buys a new furnished house… wants his floor to be highly polished, as if one can see one’s face in it. And on the other hand one is busy developing frictions in one’s relationship. This is the irony of time. If you have something good you are doubtful why it is that way, and if something you achieve is best you are busy discovering baseless reasons to find how come you have that best thing with you. Is it really true or shall I continue my search for another one.

We keep mystifying our life in our own ways. And then we say life is just not an easy one. Because we are so much occupied and preoccupied with so many things we have cluttered in our small mind that we are unable to find a clear pathway to our smooth and successful life.

And when one is unable to blame anyone for his misfortunes his failures, he starts turning towards god and the destiny. Because he knows ,no one else is going to tolerate his blunders. He better knows this thing. One is just busy in whatever ,he does not know, but he is busy. He dreams of something else , thinks of another things, and desires something else, and in between he is confused what he has achieved is worthy of it or not. And this road of unsatisfaction goes on…..

We see what our neighbour is wearing ,what is he indulged into, and we hardly get time to see what we have to do. And then we say… “ HE IS A LUCKY CHAMP”


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Empty your TRASH… Before you become the same for someone

“TRASH folder”
“SPAM Folder”
“Junk Folder”

Who wants to have this folder filled up? Nobody , indeed it really sucks when you see your folders with these popular names buzzed up. Because you have to select the mails out of thousands to decide which ones you should keep it in your inbox or archive.

Now the resemblance is to your daily life, in which you come across a number of people. Some remain in your life as archives, some as inbox dwellers to whom you stay connected on regular basis. But there are some who are just like a crap or an irksome material . And you just keep them in your trash folder(or junk or spam). Now the thing is for how long you are going to keep them as your trash item in your life. Do you really want to check them and give aches to your mind and heart and indulge yourself in a dilemma as to shift them to your inbox or not. And if they can be shifted to inbox or not because it is not necessary that they are waiting for your good response. May be they are busy shifting you to their trash folders.

So why to hamper your present life and give a loads of traffic to it. Quickly go and keep your trash empty. Because if you are not going to do that, perhaps you won’t be able to concentrate on you inbox, which might provide you a better option. Simple is the rule of life these days…. If some thing is in touch …. You can be updated to it else if you lingered it on you won’t get a chance to review it, because today time is just flowing away. Every nanosecond is important for us.

And it gives a lot of relaxation to you. As it is well said…

Never let anyone stay in your beautiful life more than he or she deserves.



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The real controller of humans…is the virtual world.

These days the supreme controller of the human being is no one else but the technology.

In today’s time if one is so much attached to anything then it is his or her virtual possessions. Or you may say that those possessions can be his mobile phone ,tablet, laptop, i-pad, computer, smart watch, and Google glass.

And at the same time if the human is afraid of anything then again it’s the same virtual possessions. For example today one is not afraid of losing, gold and silver, or property that much but loosing “Facebook password” or “g-mail account” , failing to update his tweets, etc….. it sounds funny but it is perhaps true.

The virtual world is everything to us. We ourselves have moved to it. Today if one has a time to spare ,after spending exhausting hours at his workplace, he wishes to relax and log into to his Facebook account, whats app, twitter, we chat etc to check the notifications. One important thing to notice is that people remember to log out of the professional sites, even the e-mail account, but they do not wish to log out of their social sites. Strange !!! but true. Youngsters are so much concerned about their privacy today that they fight with their parents for a separate room. Why??? It’s not just that they have to continue with their friends on phone call for hours, speaking aloud. But to enter the virtual world. Today even the couples don’t want to talk for so long on mobiles , instead they want to hangout on so many options like Whats app, Google+, Facebook messenger and so many others.

One can forget to wish “good morning” to their teachers or parents but never forget to write on wall of the facebook to wish their friends. Time has come to this happening also that today the employees drop a message of good morning to their bosses. Just to leave an impact that how much punctual they are, no matter via virtual world.

It’s funny that one can sleep without a pillow but not without their mobile sets under their pillow.

If parents ask their children as to what they want as a present for their birthday …they immediately say a smart phone or a tablet, instead of any other gifts.

Even the elders are not behind in showing their eagerness towards adapting to this virtual world. They might not replace their clothes, shoes, or carry bags etc but they can’t resist themselves from replacing their smart phones with the latest versions. This is the transformation.

Now it is important for us to consider that how we are actually utilizing our time in this virtual world. Because time gone cannot be reverted in real life.

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The silence between you and me …….it seems to me like the day and the night.

Both are ought to take place but not together. Still there is a point when one has to disappear and the other has to rise. And that’s the most beautiful moment above all. You and me seems to be two yet single entity. I am silent here and you are quiet there, still the flow between us is continuous ,no one can prohibit. And that flow is of emotions deep rooted within our hearts. My day begins with your thought my night approaches with your talks(imaginary) and still the world says “ I am alone”. Because it is the language beyond them. I am shattered without you, hopeless without you, and complete just with you…because I am living for you.


These are the lines which become a part of most of us at some point of our life. And we don’t realize that how much time we have lost in maintaining this silence and that to knowingly or perhaps unknowingly. The doors of approaches have been closed by us only and still a window of hope we all want to remain open so that we keep peeping out ….but dare not open the door. But why this all ? why to give so much pain to our self?

There is a lot to do in this life and its full of energy, we just cannot deny this fact. There are some anomalies everywhere because there has to be a corner for improvement . and it is to be mentioned here that improvement is possible only when there are certain anomalies. So why not to accept them?

Time heals every wound. So let the time heal and patch up your flaws and accept the improvements rather than linger it on for perfections. Life has to be lived up with joy and enthusiasm because you never know what is its limitation time. And the moments are like seasonal changes so try to adjust yourself accordingly. But don’t wait too long for it. Just go on to approach.

  Because it is better to have a company and adjust than to be stagnant and alone.

     It’s better to be in an imperfect company than to be perfect but alone.


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“Trust is something we have to earn by giving trust in return”

The trust is just like a seed which is buried beneath the soil and it needs regular watering, sunlight, air…etc. for the normal growth. I haven’t used the term “nourishment” here in place of growth because nourishment is somewhat more than normal growth. It requires proper care and maintenance towards the growing seed till it develops into a plant. And even after that it still requires some efforts for its long life.

Trust, though phenomenal, is the building block of every relationship we make in our life. We say that 

“I have gained his confidence now I don’t need to bother”  

but it’s the common mistake we all commit very often.

Relationships are not like any writ or application or any testimonial that you have signed it for once and then your responsibility is over. And it is kept safe somewhere. You have to maintain that confidence which you have gained earlier. For maintaining a relationship you need to nourish your bonding with your companion (be it your spouse, friend, boss, ally etc).

In the course of our busy life we somehow forget to spare some time for our close ones. This further deepens the roots of alienation in the long run. And when we realize it ….it’s always too late. And as it is said that time will make things settle. It is the time only that ruins them. So be careful in diverting your time.

                                                              “Trust is something we have to earn by giving trust in return” 

At times it becomes a critical situation for us to believe on our close fellows. Though we love them care for them and know it better that they are never going to harm us or betray , yet we become unsuccessful in when our trust is most essentially needed by them. Why? Why it happens? Where our senses go at that time and why we become desperate to verify the things?

                                                         This is where the relationships start moving at the verge of vanishing point. we have got two eyes ,two ears ,one nose a heart in company of the mind still we can’t sense the truth at times. This is the biggest drawback of the humans.(not all).

It’s better to give some space to others as well because it cannot be always you and just you. It’s difficult to look the things from someone else’s point of view but not impossible. Infact, it will take you closer to him\her and have a clear understanding of his\her vision. 

                         There are some people who have some issues with their partner but they don’t ever tell him/her and they feel proud enough that they know the truth and will never admit. It would have been alright if they kept it going this way but there is something else going on in such people’s mind. They show their arrogance pride and pretend that they are just fine, though they are getting disturbed every moment. So why to commit such stupidity and hurt yourself? This way they prove themselves the miniature before the other person because they don’t have the guts to discuss the issue together and sought it out. And still they say that “ I trust you”. What kind of trust it is? It’s actually the illusion which they create for themselves and ruin their life in self ego. It ‘s better to forgive other’s mistakes and accept the regrets they show before you than to spoil the entire life in keeping that secret like something buried inside you ad pretend that “I trust you and have no problems with you”.

Life is beautiful and the relationships are the essence In it. Its not that difficult actually that we make it on our own. Change your vision and welcome the world.

                                                  “time might turn up again for you but the life once gone ,cannot”.

So live the moments and let others live it beautifully in your company. Trust yourself first and listen to your inner soul then commit any action

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